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Moms of little girls

How do you do their hair?

Josie's bangs have been trimmed-usually about every 2-3 weeks I need to trim them because they just get too long and are in her eyes.

I can do piggy tails and a pony tail on the top of her head.  She won't keep clips in but will keep the rubberbands in.

I want her to have longer hair, so I hate to cut it too much, but did you just trim your kiddo's bangs until her hair was long?

Sorry if this is totally stupid, but I just don't know what to do :)

Re: Moms of little girls

  • That's what we do with my daughter's hair.  Trim the bangs every couple of weeks & have pigtails or a pony tail in to keep the hair out of her eyes!
  • We haven't cut E's hair at all.  She started out with a mullet, so bangs weren't much of an issue for awhile.  Now, I just comb it so that it is parted on one side, and it stays out of her face pretty well.  We do clips sometimes, but she pulls them out.  When we do two pig tails, her 'bangs' are pulled back into the ponies.  

  • I'm assuming these would probably fall out constantly, but would it work to clip the bangs to the side as they grow out?

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  • We decided to let all DD's hair grow out.  She won't leave clips in either, and it's rare that she'll let me put in a ponytail or pigtails, so she's constantly brushing her hair out of her face.  My mom keeps giving me grief and trying to convince me to cut bangs for her, but she's got hair that naturally falls into ringlets, so if she had bangs they'd be totally wild.  I realize this was of no help to you, but that's what we do with her hair.  :)
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  • Until E's hair grew out we put back the front whispy's back into clips or rubberbands. 

    We didn't cut E's hair until her 2nd b-day and only trimmed at that time.  Our stylist said that since her hair wasn't all grown in yet that it's better to wait to do bangs, don't know if this is true or not, but I don't want E to have bangs, just something else for me to have to worry about.

    She just within the past couple months has been able to put her front hair behind her ear (it's super cute, she's like a mini-me with it) so we don't have to do clippies everyday.

  • We grew all the girls' bangs out, clipping them to the side until they were long enough. Peyton and Berkeley initially had reaalllly long hair (they are fortunate enough to have thick hair from the get go so it isn't that weird toddler hair)  but they hated having stuff in it so I cut both girls' hair into bobs (which I honestly love).  Mara sports a single ponytail every day.....once you put two in, she is alllll over it, yanking the rubber bands out right away.

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  • Audrey has only had three haircuts in her whole life, and this last one I had them cut "big girl" bangs and not touch the rest.  I am going to attempt to grow the rest long and just keep the bangs.  She's pretty much got a mullet right now, but I'm hoping this stage passes quickly!

    Before the bangs, I struggled witht he same thing - her bangs were ALWAYS in her eyes no matter how much I pulled them back.

    Cut the bangs.  You wont regret it. :)

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