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Snippy! I need your expertise! (well technically your DH's)

Can you recycle Tetra Pak containers?  If so, how?

I bought a box of black beans, thinking that the cardboard container would be more eco-friendly than the cans.  However, the cardboard looks like it's foil-lined, which I think means it can't go into the cardboard recycling.  Since Tetra Pak is Swedish, and the Swedes are as fanatical about recycling as the Norwegians, I thought maybe there's a way to recycle them after all.  So I figured I should ask the expert!


Re: Snippy! I need your expertise! (well technically your DH's)

  • I don't know the answer for this but yay to recycling!!!!  I'm not sure they've heard of it in Dubai, but we love us some recycling in California Big Smile
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  • Recycling is available in *some* areas for Tetrapak, but mostly not.  As you noticed, it is foil-lined.  In fact, it's foil AND plastic lined, which is what makes it really difficult to recycle.  As much as it hurts, you have to toss it. 

    I think the only country that actively recycles (and in fact, pioneered Tetra recycling) is Brazil.  It's a very complicated process.


    And that's my long winded response to the simple answer of "no". lol

  • Darn. Sad  Thanks for the info, though!

    Now I have to figure out which is better:  Buying the cans that are packaged slightly farther away, or buying the boxes which can't be recycled.  Hmm...  This whole environmental thing is so tricky!

  • If you want to be super eco friendly you could mail it to me and I can put it in our recyling :) we have a nifty bag for plastic bottles, cans and tetrapac!! Yayy luxembourg :)
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  • Yay Luxembourg indeed! It's in a very few places.  The process is really intense.  They run the package through water, and the paper falls off and goes to the bottom of the drum, and is filtered out.  That leaves the heat sealed plastic and foil.  The ONLY way to separate that sucker is to hit it with plasma and an electric current so the metal and plastic come apart.  Then one goes out the top and the other goes out the bottom.  Takes a lot of energy. lol
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