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Green Companies?

Hi everyone,

I lurk on this board now and again and thought you all might have some information I could use.

We are doing a project at my company and trying to add in some green habits,etc for our employees. 

If you work for a larger company that may be doing great stuff for the earth and or just being more "green", can you let me know what those types of things may be?


Re: Green Companies?

  • My company unfortunately is far from green, but luckily "green" sometimes coincides nicely with "cheap". They got us all re-usable coffee mugs with our emblem on it to discourage use of styrofoam, and also stocked the kitchen with real dishes and silverware to cut back on paperware. I turn my office light off a lot when I'm working (I have a big window) and encourage others to do the same.


    One thing I wish they'd change is paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom. I know it freaks some people out, but I wish we had cloth towels.

  • Recycling! One company I used to work for had a recycling bin for aluminum cans in the break room. I don't drink sodas, or the kinds that were available anyway, but many people that did used the recycling bin to discard their cans. I'm sure that if other bins had been provided (for paper, plastic, etc.), those would have been used also.

  • Recycling, composting, reuseable mugs, energy efficient appliances and lighting, LEED certified buildings, living walls, carpool program.
  • I don't work for a green company, but yesterday I went to the Aveda website and found out that they use wind energy to power their facilities. It made me want to buy only there products.
  • My office has off-site refuse sorting, so everything goes into the same cans and the recyclables (and maybe compostables?) get pulled out later.  (It kind of freaks me out because I've been seeking out the "blue cans" since elementary school, and now I have to toss everything into a brown can!)

    All of the disposables that our cafeteria offers are compostable, and there are sorted bins in the cafeteria for trash, recycling, compost.  (I'd bet most people put their compostable forks, etc. in the trash bin, though.)

    We have a great commuter assistance program to encourage carpooling, public transit, etc. (monetary incentives; I get $1 for every day I carpool).

    One of the newest buildings on our campus is LEED certified.

    We use recycled paper.  LOL...we are not very green at all compared to some companies.  I try to do my part by turning off any power strips in my department before I leave, avoiding disposables (except for paper towels, although I suppose I could carry a hand towel with me every time I go to the restroom Stick out tongue), not printing if I can avoid it, etc.

  • I'm not sure where I work now does much, but you could try to get management to support insentives (ideas: casual dress coupons, 30 minute lunch break bonus or 1 hour early pass) for green actions, recycling, carpooling, turning lights off, etc. 

    I was pretty suprised to see how many people support being a little more environmentally responsible.  Good luck!

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  • Thanks everyone! All are great ideas!  We currently do have recycle bins for plastic/cans in our offices and cafe.  We have small paper recycle bins at our desk, and larger ones by the copy machines.

    My boss is working on compostable materials in our cafe and carpooling/hybrid specialty parking. 

    It is a work in progress, but so fun!

    Thanks for your input!! :)

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