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interesting tidbit about mice

my mother recently had a mice problem..and didnt really have the means for professional exterminator fees. my daughter left a box of altoids in a kitchen drawer, and when we were cleaning out the drawers after finally getting an exterminator, we found that the drawer, and the drawer on either side had no mouse droppings. I looked it up later, and found that mice hate the smell of mint! so if you think you have a neighbor with pests and want to deter those mice, or are starting to have a mouse problem and want to keep them away from food, clothing drawers etc...try mint :) altoids work just fine. 

Re: interesting tidbit about mice

  • Good to know!  I will have to try that!  Thanks!
  • We had mice last year and I put mouthwash in a spray bottle and squirted it all around.  It worked but it wore off quickly.  Altoids sound much easier though and longer lasting!
  • i think thats their motto!! I love this trick, and its all because a three year old loved Altoids :) 
  • The really like chocolate too so if your struggling luring them to traps or "mouse houses, use chocolate
  • Wow, I wish I'd known this while still in my old home. Lots of mice there. I did learn that if you want to prevent them from coming in and can't plug the creaces they come through (they came by my dishwasher, no way of closing that up with concrete or foam or anything) the big sheets of glasswool (that's what it's called right, really fine spun glass, hurts like crazy if you use bare hands) come in handy. They're pretty cheap and if you just put a little strip of that stuff in a crease, there's no way mice would want to pass there.
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  • thank you for that tidbit...cyz I ow have mice again (i moved to a house on a foothill..alll the neighbors have em  them too!!!622) but theyll be glad and i will too cuz for some reason they live under the stoves. we could all go in on a sheet of it and solve the problem those pesky cute little crappers :)
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