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New here! Have a grass question

We are currently renting a single family home.  We moved in the house in October, so it was already getting cold and have not got to enjoy the yard.

One thing I did realize is the back yard has many trees, which makes the yard super shady and also, there is very, very little grass.  I am thinking because of the trees.

My DH and I are thinking of putting down some grass seed if it is not too expensive, does anyone know if there is seed for shady areas?

I am inexperienced with the world of grass seed, but is it hard? Does it grow quickly?



Re: New here! Have a grass question

  • Yes, there are shade tolerant turfgrass species, most notably creeping red fescue. Personally, I wouldn't do grass at all on a wooded lot; I'd just do lots of mulch and pop in a few focal points of shade groundcover. So much easier and cheaper than fighting what you have.
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  • Visit the local Benny's and pick up URI #2 grass seed.  It is the best formula for our area.  Mix this with one of the shade varietals in a 1:1 mix. It can be difficult in our area because of the salt and sand from all our snow this year (I am in the next town over--Attleboro MA).  The URI seed is a good blend of perrenial seed types.  The shade varietals (any brand) is mostly annual.  If you only use the shade varietal, you will have to replant every year.    You do not want to plant until frost has passed and the snow is gone.  My yard is still mostly snow due to my old shade trees.   Once you do seed, you need to water twice a day minimum for the first week and daily until sprouting.  It usually takes 7 to 10 days to sprout.

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