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Too late?

Hi. I'm new here and my DH and I were working on our front flower beds over the weekend. We still have to do one after we pull up so old shrubs. There will be a fair amount of room inbetween the two bushes. My question is what do I plant and is it too late to plant anything?

I should also say that the front of the house, where the beds are, get the direct sun throughout the day. I also live in GA so it gets pretty hot here during the summers. I really want to plant some flowers there instead of bushes but that might not be an option. Any suggestions?



Re: Too late?

  • What kind of flowers do you like? Do you want annuals which need replacing each year, or do you want perennials that come back each year? Determine what you envision the bed to be and then go from there.

    As for plants that do well in the southern heat, I'm a big fan of:

    1. Lilies (now's the time to buy bulbs and plant them)

    2. Daylilies (a perennial, there are several reblooming varieties that will provide flowers for several weeks)

    3. Vinca (an annual that LOVES the heat)

    4. Pentas (another annual that loves heat)

    5. Lantana (another heat loving annual. It attracts butterflies)

    6. Candytuft - It's an evergreen perennial that blooms in the spring. I planted it last year and it's lovely. It's blooming for me now right along with my daffodils. It's low growings, so it should be used as a border edger.

    Also, check out Zinnias, petunias, and geraniums for more annuals. I've grown all of the flowers that I listed, and they all fared very well in my flower beds. My beds also get direct sun.


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  • Without SEEING the area, I have to hold my tongue. The overall design is the starting point, the plant selection comes last.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions. Also, here's a pic of the specific area. The flattened and dead looking bushes will be removed. I'm mainly wanting something for inbetween the bushes, if that's possible and won't look silly.



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