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Moody Monday

I'm having such a moody monday.  We got walloped AGAIN with snow yesterday - we easily got 14" at my house with another 2 expected during the day today.  It was 50 degrees here last week and everything got nice and melty.  and now I have to shovel.  Again.

 We had to dig DH's car out this morning - he drives a sedan so it has low ground clearance - and I followed him to work incase he got hung up on plow ridges.  Once I got to my parking ramp, one of my co-workers was stuck because his car just plain old crapped out.  I helped him get his car pushed into a space and then waddled my way into work marching through deep snow drifts.  Once I got to work - there were 2 people there.  Why did I even bother leaving the house today?!?  


Re: Moody Monday

  • Well today is family day in Alberta which means most people get a holiday...not me though since the hospital never closes. I get to work until midnight and on top of that it's been -30 with the wind chill the last few days so I have been freezing my tail off when ever I decide to go somewhere.

    On the bright side though we do get stat pay so I am sure to be paid well for (most likely) sitting on my a$$ andeading my book since we rarely see Dr's on stat holidays.

  • It's been so nice here for about a week or so now, but it's supposed to start snowing tonight. :(   I would be so angry if I were only 1 of 2 people to show up to work.  I have nothing more to contribute to this post.  Just keeping busy--had a meeting with Junior League this morning to decide if I want to join, working on random work as it comes in, and working on our big fundraising campaign so I can be prepared for my meeting on Wednesday.
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  • I'm def grumpy today.  On Friday and Sunday nights, I got a whopping 2 hours of sleep each night and its killing me.  I don't care much for Mondays to begin with, but not getting enough sleep makes it even worse.

    I also have to work on Saturday this weekend which sucks.  I hate it b/c I don't get any time off in exchange for it, so this week, I'm working a full 6 days a week.  Sad

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  • And we also went from 70 degree weather to now expecting snow tonight.  Grrr!
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  • I have been dreading this week for a month. I am working solo this week and on top of that I have to clean and reorganize the entire house. Totally not looking forward to doing that when I get home from work.

    On a positive side it is supposed to in the 80's all week and this weekend.

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  • Moody for sure. We got the snow too...not as much as others but still it was so nice here last week and now the snow just ruins it.

    I'm working at my old job at the childcare center for the next 2 weeks because I need money and they will be short staffed due to people going on vacation. It makes me sad that I don't have a real teaching job yet so then I can not work there ever again!

  • Yep, definitely moody! All this snow sure came as a surprise to me, and it's still falling pretty heavy here. I was "off" all day... forgot to turn in a time sheet, sent an e-mail specifying an attachment without the attachment, etc. So now I'm probably the village idiot.
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