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Need suggestions for foundation shrubs

I plan to remove the plants the builders put in our front flower beds in the next week or so. I need suggestions for good foundation shrubs to plant. I'm in zone 7 and the area will get lots of sun. I want something that is low maintaince and evergreen. My aunt suggested Carissa Holly. What would be a good shrub for this area?

I also need two taller evergreen shrubs/trees to go on two corners of the house. I want something that will be narrow and tall that will go with the shrubs I plant around the foundation.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Need suggestions for foundation shrubs

  • Holly and Boxwood are two good ones in zone 7.

    For the tall, narrow elements there are again Holly (Mary Nell, Nelly Stephens, Dragon Lady, etc.) and Boxwood (Fastigiata, Dee Runk, John Baldwin), Thuja (Smaragd) plus many Juniper (Spartan, Fairview, Skyrocket, Blue Arrow, etc. etc. etc.) cultivars.

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  • I would look into some unique conifers for that area.  I'd suggest something but I live in zone 4 and have a lot of shade so I'm not sure if what would be best for your area.  I really like this searchable catalog:

    We put a bunch of dwarf conifers in last fall and even though they will take a little time to fill in we love the low maintenance and that they look good all year!

  • I'm in 7b and have also lived in 6b.  My favorite foundation shrubs are Otto Luyken laurels and Indian Hawthorne.

    My number one tip for foundation shrubs is to ONLY select shrubs that get the MAX size you want for the area.  Otherwise you'll spend days of your life whacking on them and life's just too short for that nonsense.  (I truly loathe working in the yard - I do it only because I require my house be the nicest looking on the block, so I'm all about making it easy on myself lol.)

    For the ends, you'll have to go the local nursery/home improvement and see what's available.  There are lots of vertical conifers out there.  Do read the labels and google before you buy, because there are some that start out quite small but get huge.

  • image TarHeels&Rebels:

    Otto Luyken laurels and Indian Hawthorne.

    Both of these are prone to disease, and Indian Hawthorne can experience heavy frost dieback in zone 7.

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  • Thank you, ladies! You've given me some ideas and a place to begin looking. I'll visit our local nursery this week and see what they have in stock and what they suggest.
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