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ereader virgin?

Hi. My DH is really wanting an ereader, so I thought for a Father's Day/birthday gift, I'd get him one. Problem is, I have no idea what to buy. How does the whole down loading of books work? Where are they stored? Is one type of setup better than another? What are some must-have technological features?

He travels a ton and can tend to read in dimly-lit spaces. And, of course, I'm not looking to chew off an arm to buy the darn thing.

Re: ereader virgin?

  • The nook color is back-lit, so no separate light is needed to read in dimly lit areas. But it's harder to read in daylight. It's also a lot more than the e-ink that kindle and regular nook use.

    The Kindle and regular nook are great in the daylight, and many people have lights to read in the dark or where it's ill-lit.


    I have the nook and I download books from barnes and noble, the library, or PDFed documents from work. It's quite easy to drag and drop / download the files. I keep most of them on my nook as well as a folder on my computer. I don't know how the kindle works specifically, but I'm sure it's simple to use -- though I think you have to get books from No current legal way to use library e-books or PDFs. 

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  • I have the Latest Generation Kindle with wifi and free 3g.  I can get internet service with the Kindle for free (it is slower than a computer but works in a pinch).  I can download books anywhere from Amazon.  On Kindle you can not download library books but to me that didn't matter.  I read tons of free books on the Kindle as Amazon posts free books all the time.  Today there were 8 posted already. Most of the classics are free as well.  I like the Eink vs. lcd for chapter book reading (if not I would get an IPAD).  The eink can be read in direct sunlight and I have done this many times and I am still amazed.  I use a book light for night reading.  I even read children's chapter books to my daughter on the Kindle.  The pics are black and white just like the books are and she loves it. 

    I love the Kindle. Oh, and the battery life is about a month!!!  I also use a rechargable book light called relight that last just as long.  So once a month, I charge them both.

  • I bought my DH an nook and he swears by it. (A coworker of his has the Kindle and he is envious of the nook)

    DH travels for his job and he as read his nook in dimly lit restaurants and on airplanes . . . no problem.

  • I've had a Nook since October and I love it.  I have friends that have Kindles, and they love them.  I think both have good points and bad, I got the Nook so I could download library books.  One thing to keep in mind, the traditional Nook and Kindle have e-ink, where the Nook Color or iPad have an LCD - think reading on a computer screen for long periods of time.  I would never get an LCD ereader, my eyes would go batty.
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