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kenmore washer/dryer anyone?

I saw a commercial the other day about Kemore appliance being 30% off and I was wondering if any of you had W/D and how you liked them? Anyone by chance?

Re: kenmore washer/dryer anyone?

  • My parents have a set, my mother swears by Kenmore.
  • My mother has Kenmore w/d.  The old fashioned white free-standing top opening on washer.  Not stackable

    She said she got one set in the 70s and replaced it once, and still going.

    I have kenmore, too. not stackable.

  • also check on a sears outlet store if you have one by you.  You could always call and ask what they have and prices instead of driving and finding nothing.

    I really like my deep tub, and 3 power settings, regular, delicate, and I forget the other one, but it is like fast/super or whatever they call it.

  • I have a house full of Kenmore appliances. Some of them suck (fridge) some are meh (stove) but I will say I love the washer and dryer. I do a ton of heavy duty laundry and never had a problem yet with them.

    Be aware though if something ever happens it's a PITA to have fixed. Sears customer service is either spotty or horrid, takes them weeks to get here and then charge a ton for the parts. Also a lot of smaller local appliance dealers don't "deal" With Kenmore so Sears is your only option.

  • We have a Kenmore HE3T W/D and loved them at first, but within 7 months we would get two codes that would read across the screen and keep us from doing a load. At first, we could just reset the washer and it would be fine, but it got so bad that it wouldn't finish a load. Long story short they came out and it was a sensor that needed replacing and total it cost $280. Now it's like it's brand new, but it was frustrating that I had to replace something on it in less than a year.

  • We bought a Kenmore HE W/D a Consumer Reports recommendation and within 4 months the washer stopped working. 

    Mind you the machine is not used hard we have no chidren and most of our clothes are dry clean only.  So I was not happy that after 4 months a several thousand dollar set sent us to the laundrymat. Grrrrrr

    Sears did come out several times to repair the washer but never had parts, finally someone admitted that this is such a large problem the parts were on backorder!!!

    After 2 weeks of daily phone calls (6 days a week they are closed Sun.) I finally said enough and called the VP of applicance at Sears HQ in Chicago and explained I wanted the problem solved immediately or I wanted my $ back.  They replaced the washer within 3 days.  Problem solved. 

    P.S.   3 weeks later the back ordered part showed up at our door.  ha HA ha

    No more Sears for us.

  • It's worth noting that Kenmore is made by different manufacturers each year. It's whomever bids for their business the best that year. This year most of the washers and dryers are LG. We have the LG steam washer and dryer and love them.
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