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Childhood books

What did you do with all of your childhood books? I'm not talking about from when you were a baby, I'm referring more to books you read in elementary/middle school. My mom has a huge box of paperback books that I used to LOVE (Babysitter's Club, Boxcar Children, etc) that she wants me to either get rid of, or take to store at my own house. Are these worth keeping? The ones that aren't really sentimental to me, but I remember loving to read? I just don't know if I have a daughter some day if she would even like reading them?

I'm thinking about saving a few and giving the rest to goodwill, but I'm afraid I'll regret getting rid of them (I'm a bit of a pack rat). WWYD?

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Re: Childhood books

  • I would do just what you said.  BSC isnt going to be hard to track down for her if you talk to her about it one day and she shows an interest.  Keeping a few of the random hard-to-find ones might be worth it.  They will also mean a lot more to her if you only have a few to share.

    If you donate them to a kid who might not have as many books as you grew up with, you will still be sharing some of your favorites - that should warm your heart a little.  

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  • I'd probably take all of them to a used bookstore.  If there are any that they don't buy, then I'd either keep a few or just take the remainder to GW.  I only have kept a few books (but they're more like regular school books) that I have for reference.
  • You can donate them to a local school. There's always teachers that could use some good books in their classrooms!
  • imagelilbride8909:
    You can donate them to a local school. There's always teachers that could use some good books in their classrooms!

    This! I love getting books from people so I can add to my classroom library. I have yet to have my own classroom but I have tons of books that will come in handy once I do. 

  • I normally just lurk on this board but wanted to share that I have a lot of my childhood books stored all over our house.  My daugther is almost 2 and reads some of my old board books, but I can't wait to read my old chapter books with her.  I say keep them.  There is something so special about reading them together!  You can always donate them later, but if you donate them now, then that is it.

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  • I have a bunch left (some of my stuff disappeared during my parents divorce)and will keep them.  :)
  • Donate to a youth center, a homeless shelter that serves families with children, a battered women's shelter that serves families, etc.
  • I kept mine. I have all my old picture books and chapter books. I just love children's books and can't wait to share with my kids someday. For now, they are in a huge rubbermaid box in the closet. I did weed through and donated to local school ones that I didn't love or want anymore.
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