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I confess that I made a baby step back into volunteering last night and I feel great about it.  I volunteered for 2 straight years with AmeriCorps and then volunteered for a first aid team with an old company for another 3 years on an "as needed" basis.  I stopped volunteering all together when I needed to work 2 jobs to stay afloat.  Now that I'm down to 1, I found myself missing something in my life and am making it a point to volunteer at least 1 time a month.

 I also confess to trying to make it a habit now so that when DH and I have a family, our kiddos will have that be a regular occurrence in their lives without it feeling like a big deal. 

Re: Confessions?

  • I confess that I am a very slow worker today.  I don't know if it's becuase I'm tired or distracted or just plain unmotivated (probably a combo of all three)... all I know is that I need a good kick in the rear to get moving! 
  • I confess I've done nothing today but talk to my boss/coworkers. A little bit of it was work related, but mostly we just gossiped and socialized.

    I confess that I have no interest in maintaining a relationship with my SIL. She has pushed my buttons for 7 years and is now criticizing how I am raising my child. Everyone has opinions but I demand respect for the choices I have made and continue to make. I don't always agree with how she has raised her children, but I realize they are not mine, she is not abusing them, and she has every right to do whatever she pleases with them.


  • I confess that I'm so exhausted I could've come home from work hours ago and fallen asleep.  I couldn't, however, b/c I'm babysitting my oldest nephew overnight tonight.  My sister is going to a party and I'm kinda frustrated; this is the 2nd time in 2 weeks I've taken him overnight so she could go out.  I love my little booger, but having to watch every single thing he does all the time, and listen to the constant question asking, getting bored w/ something every 2 mins gets tiring.

    I guess I'm most frustrated b/c my sister makes it a priority to spend time w/ her friends but her 3 kids seem to be an inconvenience to her lately.

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  • I confess that I am really nervous for my H. He's interviewed for a job with my company, and I know how bad he wants it.He HATES his job, but he never complains about it, but I know he does. He's applied for sooo many positions, and I know the economy is awful, but I just really want this to happen for him. I also confess that I keep watching the status, and if he is removed from the candidate pool, I don't think I'd have the heart to tell him.

    Lastly... I have bought 3 bags of Cadbury mini eggs in the past week!

  • Secretly relieved that today's ride was canceled for rain; having a mimosa with my pancakes, and trying not to worry about how far behind I am in my training.
  • I confess that I think I just failed my NYS literacy test to become a literacy specialist in teaching. The test was so dense. Each question was a paragraph long with 4 answers that were equally long. And, there always seemed to be 2 choices that would be correct. We had to choose the "best" one. Ugh! And my essay, pretty sure I bombed that. There is no way to really study for it so I can't say I didn't study hard enough. I guess I'll find out March 21st if I passed.
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