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Moth problem, help please??!!

We had a huge moth problem last fall, several of FH's suits were ruined and 1 cashmere sweater of mine. We tossed all the damaged clothes, brought some suits and such to the dry cleaners to get rid of possible eggs and sweaters and such were washed. I didn't see any more moths during winter, so I figured I saved us from future harm. To be on the safe side I put lavender, cedar planks and moth balls in the closet as well.

This morning when I grabbed a sweater from the closer and put it on the bed for a minute, I noticed a living full grown moth on it again.


We really can't afford having to buy a whole new wardrobe every friggin season. FH wears suits to work, we've already had to replace a bunch of those and nice suits aren't cheap!

Does anyone have any tips on what else I can do to prevent our clothes being ruined again??!! I'm desperate!

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Re: Moth problem, help please??!!

  • I have had that problem for years! until now! 

    I used moth balls but was afraid of the carcinogenic effects..Now I use a combination of  mint, thyme, cloves, lavander, dried lemon peels, ginger, and pepper corns with cedar sachets

    the key is that you HAVE to dry clean every piece of wool that you own at the same time..while it is out to the dry must clean shelves, racks etc with a strong vinegar solution. If you store things in "rubbermaid containers", they need to be cleaned with bleach and water and left in the sun for 2 days! Even if these things don't have wool in them.

    I threw anything with evidence of the moths away!

    FYI two things moths don't like is light and heat..two things that they do like is darkness and body oils..anything worn must be dry cleaned before storing or at the end of winter..even if you wore it for two hours. Your perfume is the thing will breed in on you sweaters etc.. 

    I cleaned "every piece of clothing" in my closet...washing or dry clean at the same time (did laundry for days). Scrubbed the closet, used eucolyptus oil and the above mix..gone!!! 

    "Onward"--CathyMD Waiting since 07/5/2011 for our forever child! Yep we are adopting!
  • Oh my goodness, that's a LOT of work (and money for dry cleaning). (I'm in Holland and pay about 20 dollars for a sweater to get it dry cleaned) I guess calling the exterminator (and then obviously cleaning the closet in a regular way and adding your concoction of scents) will be the easier/cheaper solution :-(
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  • Oh, that would be too much money. I also read that hanging clothes outside during daylight hours in the sun for several days. bring them in at night will kill the eggs and larvae. Remember several days on the outside of the sweater then flip it inside out and another couple of days.
    Good luck!
    "Onward"--CathyMD Waiting since 07/5/2011 for our forever child! Yep we are adopting!
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