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Mac People--What would you buy?

Let me begin by saying that I generally use my iPhone as an iPod.  That being said, I need something smaller that I can take with me running.  Since I'm going to the US next month I'm going to order something and have it shipped to my brother's house and pick it up while I'm there.

 Do I want an 2G iPod Shuffle ($49) or an 8 G iPod Nano ($149)?  At the moment I just need something that I can put a playlist on and clip to my clothes while I run, for which the shuffle would suffice, but I am wondering if I'll regret not getting the slightly larger Nano, where I can choose the songs I play (in case I want to listen to music on a plane without messing with my phone's battery).  

Which would you want? 

Re: Mac People--What would you buy?

  • If you get the Nano, you can get this sweet watch to run with!
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  • I just got the new nano and love it! Being able to pick the songs is definitely a plus as I had been using my husband's old shuffle since my old nano died and missed the feature of knowing what song I was listening too.

    Another bonus is that the nano works with the Nike+ running kit which is about $30 and really helped motivate me.   

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  • Or you could get an armband to use with your iPhone (which is what I use for running).
  • Can shuffle handle multiple playlists?  It would frustrate me if I can't choose a particular song or playlist, and there's no display!
  • image ukyankee:
    Or you could get an armband to use with your iPhone (which is what I use for running).

    I have a 3G.  It's kind of big to strap to my arm and I'm slightly annoyed at the fact that I pretty much have to stop running when people call.  I have an issue with ignoring a ringing phone--I just can't do it.  Ergo, I need something that people can't call me on to go running with. 

  • You could put it in airplane mode while you run, then it won't take calls.

    You can put multiple playlists on the newer Shuffles. There's no display, but it uses VoiceOver to say the name of each playlist as you scroll through them to select one.

    Personally, I would get the Nano, though, because of the Nike+. I think that's cool. (There's a Nike+ app but you need at least a 3GS. :( I have a 3G too. so no joy.) And I also think the watchband thing is pretty awesome. 

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    If you get the Nano, you can get this sweet watch to run with!

    This is cool!

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  • I would get the nano for all the reasons mentioned by pp. 
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