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Work WWYD?

One of my employees has been looking for a new job. I've seen her looking at the classifieds at lunch. While she was on pg leave, I had to log onto her computer several times and noticed several documents labeled "resume" or "secretarial cover letter". I don't blame her for looking - she drives an hour each way for work and now has 2 children. I've tried to be very flexible, allowing her to work a couple days/week at a satellite office where she lives. I've met with her since she came back to work to be sure she isn't overwhelmed and to make sure everything is going alright. And, before she even went on pg leave, we had the talk..."Are you even coming back to work for me?" She had confirmed she was, but I told her to just be upfront with me, I understood, yada yada.
So, being her boss, am I allowed to ask her about it? I had to use her computer today for something, and under "recent documents" was a cover letter. I didn't open it to see a date, but it was under recent documents.

Re: Work WWYD?

  • I would assume at any given point that most employees are, in fact, looking for a better job.

    I'd hope that she would give you a reasonable amount of notice if she does find a new one and ask that she not use company time/computers to work on her resume.

  • A note: I know I really don't have the right to ask her about it, aside from the fact that she's using work time to compile resumes/letters. But should I tell her I happened to see it and wondered if there's anything I can do to help improve her situation?
  • Well, should she be doing personal things on business time?  If not, then I would speak to her about it.
  • image Mrs.AngelaA:
    Well, should she be doing personal things on business time?  If not, then I would speak to her about it.

    Ahem, I might be a little hypocritical with that accusation, considering the forum upon which I am posting...

  • Since you don't seem upset about it (and even want to help her), I think you should mention it.  At the very least, she'll know she can give you as much notice as possible if she does find something instead of hiding it until the last minute and giving you 2 weeks to find a replacement. 

  • She's using company assets to do this, you have the right to.

    Tell her you noticed her resume on the work computer. You'd appreciate it if she did that on her time, not the company's

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