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Penetration problems

so here's my dilema - when my husband penetrates me - i dont feel anything after he has "entered" me - so to speak!  he is fairly thick - but not very long and i wonder if thats the problem.  he says he feels everything and its great - which is nice - but i want to feel something too - any ideas??!!!

Re: Penetration problems

  • i would think that even with a smaller in length penis that you would feel SOMETHING. could it be a nerve issue?
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  • What happens when you masturbate or when he uses his fingers? If it's a matter of you just not feeling any penetration I'd get to a doctor and get yourself checked out incase there is something wrong physically that can be fixed.
  • Are you lubricating up a lot? Maybe that's the reason.

    At any rate, see a doc. Girth is what counts, not length.



  • If you mean that you don't feel anything along the inside of your vagina, that's totally normal.  Most of the vagina's nerve endings are around the entrance; the length of the vagina has very few.
  • have your hubby thrust while making love and you can thrust will cause more friction and you will feel him will find a rhythm...keep at it...


    I know it sounds silly...but watch this video its an old song from back in the day...but the way the girls thrust is the best way to straddle your hubby and ride him..he will love it.....

    the girls put their back into it... 

  • A friend of mine had a similar problem. She told me that she felt more if they use position where they can achieve a deeper penetration (i.e. missionary with her legs on his shoulders).
    She told that after she got used with kegel's exercises she feels a lot more and intercourse is more enjoyable for both of them.
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