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NDM (re) Black Swan

We saw it too on Saturday night. I didn't think it was terrible, but I know what you mean about not understanding the hype. Aronofsky is know for directing films in that manner and kind of leaving viewers searching.  I really liked the whole sub-conscious plot of Black Swan though and really liked the ending...can't say I expected it but it makes sense.  Did you see Requium for a Dream? Black Swan reminded me of the way that was directed too. He also directed The Wrestler and a frew others but these are the only three I've seen by him.

It was between seeing this and The King's Speech...I wish we would have seen The King's Speech but oh well...



Re: NDM (re) Black Swan

  • I thought it was amazing!  I loved the ending. 
  • See I really liked Requiem for a Dream. I guess BS wasn't horrible, I probably wouldn't have been let down as much if I saw it before people hyped it, but I didn't think it was a good movie. The ended was ok but it moved so slow and the flow of the movie was odd, some parts seemed misplaced.

    It's funny you say that because I was also considering The King's Speech and I definitely wish I would have chosen that instead of Black Swan! 

  • The King's Speech was amazing.  Black Swan, not so much.  Parts were laughable.
  • image tiff0803:
    The King's Speech was amazing.  Black Swan, not so much.  Parts were laughable.

    DH actually asked at one point "Is this some sort of comedy/drama combo movie?". I don't think it's supposed to be but I agree, some parts were just ridiculous and laughable.

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