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Update on Crazy family

DH got a call from the crazy guy I wrote about the other week asking him to go and get a drink because he needed to talk. DH agreed (I would never of done that...or at least that's what I tell myself)

Well apparently this guy has some issues in his life!!

  • He is 37 and still lives at home, he's built an appartment above where he works. He now wants to move out but his dad is begging him to stay to help him deal with the women in the famil.
  • His mother is (as we know) a crazy b1tch
  • His sister is also crazy and apparenly treats his father very badly.
  • His mum takes his sister to basicly stalk her ex from 3 years ago!?!?
  • His accountant has screwed up and now he has tax issues!
  • He's had an employee leave who teaches Sat classes, he asked his sister to cover, she told him that she was supposed to take teaching classes but she could get out of them if he wrote her the letter to get an excemption (as she's taken them during the summer). Once he had done that and she had her approval she started to ride on Saterdays instead.
  • Oh and his sister bough a horse who is young and she's never ridden before (this realy ticks me off as I've been riding since I was 8 and know how this is going to end).
Sorry for the length but I thought some of you may wan to follow the soap!
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Re: Update on Crazy family

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