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Nanny/mother's helper?

We're expecting our first baby in mid-April, and I'll be going back to work and need some kind of care for her in mid-July. I say "some kind of care" because I work from home and am starting to think rather than send her to daycare it might be best to have a nanny/mother's helper care for her in our home from about 10-4 each weekday (so about 30 hours per week). So my question is - does anyone have a nanny or mother's helper, and if so, how did you find them and how much do you pay them? Do you withhold any taxes from their pay, or just pay the total amount due with your own income taxes?
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Re: Nanny/mother's helper?

  • I had a longer do.

    Taxes---we considered her a "contractor" similar to a plumber coming into your she was in charge of her own taxes.

    We found our first 2 from the daycare my kids were at until it went downhill.  First one came to us and told us she was going to quit because she couldn't stand working there, so we hired her and quit.  Second was #1's sister...when #1 went to nursing school full time, her sister stepped in and took her place.  It worked WONDERFUL.  We did find one nanny after that when I was working very part time during the days at  It was a decent site, I felt like I could screen and narrow down, then interview.  And the nanny we found was WONDERFUL.

    Pay--I can't remember exactly what we paid.  It was around $400/week for 3 kids, right at 36 hours...the way DH's hours and my hours were, we didn't need her there longer than 36 hours, which was nice.  I think starting for one kid is around $10/hour for in your home.

    Good luck!

  • When I was in college, my school had an employment office.  I found a family that I did this exact thing (what you're wanting).  It was a wonderful experience and I still keep in touch with them!  I am pretty sure I was paid about $75/week for one child (he was 9 months old when I started watching him).  I probably watched him anywhere from 20-30 hours per week.

    I also was a live-in nanny during college.  I watched the kids probably about 45-50 hours a week.  I got paid $200/week.  I also did some light housecleaning while I was there and got paid an additional $40 per week for this.  I was hired with this family through the summer camp I worked at my junior year of college.

    I think if you can find a great person, this could make a lifetime connection!  At least it did in my two cases!

  • Thanks ladies! I'm going to check out and the UNO employment office and see what I can find!

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