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It never gets easier, does it ?

I left Minnesota to move abroad nearly 10 years ago

my Mom was just here for 2 weeks and left for the airport this morning, and now I'm sitting here in tears

I feel so so much guilt for being so far from my family now that we have Genna, I love my life here, but I do feel lonely sometimes and it was nice to have her here, all of the sudden being on my own this morning I feel so so lonely and Genna has a cold so we can't go out and meet any of our friends


just had to vent, feeling so down :(

Re: It never gets easier, does it ?

  • *hugs* I know the feeling, it definitely doesn't get easier!
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  • Big Hugs to you.

    I'm sorry you're crying and I understand what you mean about the guilt.  I'm planning on going home in May for the entire month and it will be gut wrenching to leave my mom.

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  • Hugs....sending you some smiles.  I can't speak from personal experience, but I think what you are feeling is normal, regardless of whether or not you have a child, and live far away.

    I hope you feel better. 

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  • *hugs*
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  • thanks ladies

    i feel a bit better now that I skyped with my Dad, wrote a long email to my mom and had a reeces peanut butter cup :)

  • Aw, Monique. I'm sorry. That is the worst feeling. After you've had such a wonderful visit its such a harsh reality when they leave and you're all alone again, even though you're NOT all alone it just feels that way. I hope Genna is feeling better soon and you all can get out and remind yourselves how much you love living in Oz. The whole being a family torn between two places stinks sometimes. Hugs!
  • I dunno, I think it can be easier some days and not so easy other days.  Especially after a skype call.  It  was good to talk and see them and M waves at them, but we all just wish we were closer.  Then you go on with your daily life and it doesn't feel so bad until the next time.  Hugs.  It sucks.
  • image andrea922:
    *hugs* I know the feeling, it definitely doesn't get easier!
    Same here.  Sorry you're feeling so down Monique :(
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  • It never gets easier, I was hoping once I had children here that it would?! 

    I always try to think of how much fun I had with my mom and look at pictures of her trip right after she leaves. Focus on the positive.

    I think, for me, it's easier to leave the US to come back to Switz. I'm usually crying through security but once I get on the first of many planes I'm ready to be done with flying and at home. 

  • Hugs.

    I don't think it gets easier, but I know exactly how you feel. 

  • Sending tons of hugs!
  • Sending hugs too!
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  • thanks so much ladies

    it's great to vent here to people who really understand where I'm coming from

  • *hugs*

    Eat another peanut butter cup, they always help!

  • HUGS to you!!!  

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  • Aw, I'm sorry you are feeling sad.  I have been feeling the same way since I came back.  

     We will have to have another GTG soon!

    Try to stay cool, its so freakin hot! 

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  • {hugs}

    No, it doesn't get easier.

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