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Painting cinderblock walls & concrete floor in basement

Gotta paint down there to get the place ready for sale. Please help, we have no idea what kind of paint/prep work etc. The basement is nice & dry so I guess that's good.

I have a friend who thinks the previous owners of her house spray painted the ceilings in her basement - her house is like mine, around 80 yrs old & the "ceiling" of the basement is actually floor joists, pipes, etc. (I know, it sounds creepy, it sort of is, but that's how these old houses are) She thinks the paint makes it look much better/less noticeable. Anyone know anything about how to do this?

We are planning to do this ourselves, not hire a painter. Thanks for any & all advice!

Re: Painting cinderblock walls & concrete floor in basement

  • no advice but i know SCB did the spray painting on her ceiling so maybe she can chime in :)
  • my friend did this - she sprayed her unfinished ceiling black - so it looked really urban and cool. Anyway, you need a paint sprayer - not spray paint. Easily bought at home depot. I wouldnt think you would need to prime anything, the cinderblock down there is pretty roughed up anyway so I would think the paint would stick well. You could also roll it on, just make sure you buy a nappy roller to rollt he cinder, since its so porous.

    I also heard that if you drywall the walls, but leave the ceiling alone (just paint the stuff) that its not considered a "livable space" soyou dont get taxed on that square footage of your house.

  • my friends kinda looks like this:


  • Very helpful, thanks. I am hoping maybe I can rent one of those big industrial sprayers at Lowe's or United Rental or somewhere. I am glad to see the photo of the black ceiling... I am nervous that it will seem closed in & (even more) scary. Seriously that basement photo is 100x prettier than ours, ours is a dungeon (no danger of it being considered livable space) Wink We are just wanting to spiff it up a little so it is more appealing to buyers - but it is still not going to be appropriate for anything other than storage. Of spiderwebs. that's what we seem to store down there, anyway. ;)
  • My bro works for Sherwin Williams.  He is at the commercial store at 93rd & J if you want to call and talk to him.  He could give you good advice! His name is Tim 597-2949
  • We live in an old house, too (1910).  Just use some concrete paint all over the joint.  You'll be good to go.  (Not sure if you'll be able to spray it on, but it's super easy just to roll.)  Good luck!
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