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I was just curious who does your taxes? Do you & DH do them yourself or do you have them done professionally? If you have them done professionally how much do you pay?

If the past DH and I have always done our own. But because we are married this year, filing jointly and this is "technically" the first whole year we will be homeowners (we did get our $8,000 last year because we bought in Dec. of 2009) he isn't sure about claiming interest or home repairs and he hears that you can do that. So he thinks it would be better to have someone do them for us.

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Re: Question-Taxes

  • I've always done mine but they've been super easy to do.  Like EZ easy.  BUT DH has some weird stuff, took it to H&R block, they found a WHOLE buncha stuff to deduct to get his maximum refund.  We will be going there again.  I believe it was $100...but they found him over $250 extra that he wouldn't have known about.

  • I've done mine in the past too, my dad showed me how to do TurboTax which has the super basic version is free federal filing, state cost like $15 I think. However because DH has a corporate entity to file for, he'll use his same accountant to do our personal taxes filing jointly too.

    My one boss just bought a home, and had always done it himself too; this year he is doing it at H&R block because they can help with the extra deductions. I agree w/Barb doing it this year to get the max is a good idea and it was about $100 for my coworker who got theirs done a week or 2 ago. If you don't have many changes this tax year (2011), maybe consider doing it yourselves next year or until you have the understanding of the deductions with your home.

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  • we always paid to have them done - especially this year, it's going to be pretty complicated for us (marriage, mortgage interest, i work in a different state than we live, etc)

    the funniest thing about this question is that i have a BS and MS in Accounting, and I used to do corporate taxes for one of the "big 4" public firms.  and i've never done my own taxes...I just realllly don't like doing them, and i'd rather pay someone else.  Plus, it's been about 10 years since I've done a personal income tax return, so I'm pretty rusty.

  • we haven't decided if we are going to file together or not but since we just bought our house we are going to give the paperwork over to my parents accountant and let him tell us which way will get us the best refund :)
  • If we don't do our own, we may have my mom do them.  She used to do taxes a long time ago, so I may have her look at them.

  • We've always used the free TurboTax but this year with all the new stuff (married, house, itemized deductions, etc) we paid $30 for the enhance Turbo Tax. I thought it was really easy and worth it to pay for that rather than a professional. But, DH is a tax attorney so that may help...
  • With the exception of a few years back when I operated an in-home business ( I had a preparer do my taxes then to ensure no audits or anything!), I have always done my own, because as with pp, they have always been EZ to do...with very few deductions. I used TT, and never had any problems...

    H, on the other hand, has always used a preparer (H&R) because his were always more complicated with the multiple properties, capital gains, deductions, etc...This year, we're trying to figure out if it would be simpler to do "married, filing separately" or if I should just go with him to his regular preparer...But as this is a year of change for you guys, I would definitely recommend having a professional or someone super knowlegeable do them for you this year...GL!

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  • I always did my own. H always went to H&R due to different accounts that he had been given after his grandparents deaths. It was very complicated since it also dealt with some of the family's farm...I still don't understand it.

    This year we have decided to do Turbo Tax. We both have heard really great things regarding this program so we are going to give it a shot.
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  • I had ours done professional about 4 years ago and realized that for what I paid them I could have done it!  So I've done our own since.  My mom does taxes so she double checks them for us.
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  • H did ours last night online.  I think he just went to the IRS website and they calculate everything for your.  Of course, we don't have any deductions or anything yet, so ours are pretty easy.

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