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Weekend plans?

Aside from dealing with the aftermath of the snow, what are everyone's plans for the weekend? 

Mine are not too exciting.  Tonight I'm going out to dinner with a friend; tomorrow and Sunday my dad will be in town to finish putting new flooring (wood laminate) in our basement.  The whole process has been a bit of a PITA, so I am looking forward to being done with it. Saturday night we're taking him to Mad Fox Brewery for dinner - I've been craving their fried pickles ever since last week's discussion!

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Baby248 - ETA 1/10/13

Re: Weekend plans?

  • Tonight:  Dinner at Poste with three friends.

    Tomorrow:  An engagement party during the day, and then getting started on the nursery.

    Sunday:  Church, lunch with some sorority sisters, then boring household chores - laundry, etc. 

  • tonight: making pizza & catching up on dvr or watching a movie

    tomorrow: working out, moving my bookcases/desk into the nook in our "dining room", maybe a target/grocery store run, and maybe a movie

    sunday: errands that don't get done on saturday, then while the hub is out i need to get started on his v-day & b-day cards, i also need to start figuring out some b-day gifts for him!

    hope everyone has a great weekend! 

  • My weekend is primarily going to consist of helping at sorority recruitment at U of MD and packing for our move next week.

    Tomorrow night we are going to Rasika with friends for dinner which I am really looking forward to. I have been wanting to try this place for almost a year.

  • Home on my second snow day and what is now a 4 day weekend!  Yay!  This afternoon I'm going to get some pizza dough started and risen, then in the freezer.  We used up our last batch and it's great for a quick weeknight meal.  Also, bake up some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  Tonight we're having leftovers and watching a movie and/or video games.  

    Tomorrow we're headed into the district for dinner, Kaz Sushi Bistro.  DH is pretty excited, he's into all the raw fish/weird fish stuff.  I'm sticking to my veggie rolls!  I've started eating a lot more fish than I used too, but I'm not quite ready for raw yet.  We want to stop at Mad Fox and Penzey's on the way in.  I need some spices and well, when isn't a beer a good idea?

    Sunday we're probably hitting the gym and relaxing around the house.  Cleaning, maybe.  We're roasting a chicken for dinner, mmmmmm!

    July 19, 2008

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  • Today: Regular day off ... worked out, have a coaching call, and then heading to my SIL's for her annual birthday takeout dinner and a DVD.

    Tomorrow: Work out, then two friends coming over for brunch at my house, then we're going to see Black Swan. At night celebrating the 9th anniversary of our first date by trying the tasting menu experience at PS7. Then off to our friend's "Jungle Party."  

    Sunday: Home stuff/week ahead planning, discovery session with a new client, yoga/meditation group class, then yoga.

    TTC since Mar. 2010; 6 IUIs 2011 = 2 CPs; BFP (conceived naturally) 12/9/11; m/c 1/7/11
  • Tonight:  Having Leftover Chicken Parm and hopefully a movie

    Tomorrow:  Skiing (the snow is going to be great!) and then a pub dinner

    Sunday: Mass, grocery shopping, blah blah getting ready for Monday (Boo!)

  • Tonight: watching a movie, just eating boring leftovers 

    Tomorrow: Helping DH pack for his 3-week training, a little send-off lunch at Blue Ridge Grill, then going to a housewarming party with a friend.
    Sunday: trying to come to terms with 2 things - I have the whole house to myself (hello chick flicks and popcorn for dinner), and I actually have to go to work on Monday. 
  • Tonight: Dinner with friends and probably back to their place for drinks and games.

    Sat.- Meeting a friend downtown for lunch and to check out the National Museum of Women in Arts.

    Sun.- Church, lunch with church family afterwards, grocery shopping

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