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IWLAMP.....i think this can be a long one this week

1) i would like a medal for going to the dentist this morning. i want to know how we can carry 900 songs in our pocket, talk with people around the world via an internet connection and make rice in a minute...BUT no one can make a dentist drill that doesn't soound like some horror movie torture device. nothing hurt but the sound is just terrifying.

 2) i was home all day yesterday and did not open a bottle of wine OR any ice cream





Re: IWLAMP.....i think this can be a long one this week

  • No wine on a snow day?! That definitely qualifies you for a medal.
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  • IWLAMP for going to work yesterday.

    IWalsoLAMP for realizing I'm a crummy wife for enjoying the extra time it took H to get home from work on Wed (as he walked 3 miles from the Metro station). I watched the Gilmore Girls. It was wonderful. This can also be filed under FFC.

  • IWLAMP for not having pain au chocolat, i totally wanted one but stuck to a skim latte. 


    Sstrug: not opening wine on a snow day totally deserves a medal! 

  • ...for walking to and from work every day this week.  Seriously miserable.

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    Stand up for something you believe in. White Knot
  • IWLAMP for finally accepting DH's huge job change (I was the one that posted a while ago if anyone remembers). I've come to terms with how important it is to be happy in his job and I would hate for anyone to tell me I can't do a job I want to do. So here we go. He's leaving tomorrow and is coming back on Feb 19th. But instead of a medal, I got my first little blue box. ;) 

  • IWLAMP for being the only person from my division to show up to work yesterday, when some of them even live in the District and take the Metro to work.

    Also, for getting in the car today to go to work, realizing my ABS and brake lights were on, and dealing with it myself, rather than making my teacher H deal with it on his day off from school. (I figured since I was the only one who bothered to go in yesterday, I was not going to go to heroic lengths to get there today.) Thank God for cars that are still under warranty.  I just finished paying that thing off, and the last thing I wanted was a giant repair bill.

  • IWLAMP- for working my full 8 hours on Wednesday and Thursday.  Seriously I was one of the first ones in on Thursday and the last on to leave and I'm not THAT dedicated to my job!

    -for listening to my boss's horrific commute story many, many times and not openly mocking him.  Yes it was long and it sucked but it does not need to occupy every conversation today!

  • IWLAMP for bringing my work home with me. They are taking out asbestos from my floor of my office building so we can't go in on the weekend for anything and I have to do something with my project. Did I mention I work with fruit flies?? Also a medal for my H who was more ok with me bring the flies home (in containers so it's not like they'll escape) than with me trying to work on a different floor in the same building in case they are not ventilating the asbestos 100%
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