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I finally did it!!!........

Grocery shopping that is! Smile  Ha, got ya! 

I went grocery shopping last night, finally after talking this week about how we needed to do it.  Ugh, I LOVE food, but I HATE spending money on it!  Then when I got home, I got stuck at the bottom of our  driveway.  We have a steep incline, and it had snowed about 2 inches.  Just enough to be slippery and have my car not make it up the drive.  So I had to get out, in my dress shoes still (hubby was at school) and try to get up the drive to get the shovel out of the garage.  Was a fun adventure but I was NOT going to carry the trunk full of groceries up the snowy driveway. Even after I shoveled (While the car was half in the street still) I had to back the car up, basically into the neighbor's drive across the street, and gun it!  Such an exciting life I lead!

 How is everyone else today?

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Re: I finally did it!!!........

  • I'm happy it's Friday!

    I've been busy this morning rearranging my desk after the painters finished w/ my area yesterday while I was gone.  I'm ready for my lunch break, but it looks like I'll have to go out and get something since I can't get to our fridge or microwave to heat up my frozen meal that I brought in the other day.  I think it'll be a chickfila lunch day!

    Tonight we're not doing anything...I'm making my white chicken chili recipe so that I can have the leftovers through the weekend while Don is out working.  And I think it'll be a quiet weekend, no plans, yet.  I could definitely use some "me" time to help figure out my job situation.

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  • TGIF!!! Gah I have been in meetings all morning and working on paperwork now. All the kiddos were testing this morning so between my meetings and their testing no therapy was done. Oh well. At least 2 of them came by to see me...that always makes my day! I think I'm about to get 6 kiddos added to my caseload which I'm not thrilled about because I have no idea where I'm going to put them. I maybe have to make a trip to this school on Tues/Thurs which I'm not exactly thrilled about.

    Today is my daddy's birthday so I'm going home tonight to hang with the fam. It's been almost a month since I've been to the parents and that's a long time for me. Plus I miss my little nephew and hoping my nieces and other sis will be up tomorrow but who knows.

    I'm sure I'll do some knitting or reading on the drive down and back up but other than that, no plans. I need to finish some paperwork up before two more meetings Monday. Blah

  • Nothing wrong with a low key weekend!!!  Sounds relaxing and like you said, it will give you time to figure some things out. 


    Tomorrow, I'm doing an ice fishing tournament with hubby and a group of guys.  I went ice fishing once last year and actually didn't mind it!  So we'll see how it goes tomorrow!

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  • Good Morning everyone! I'm in a pretty good mood today.  Could it be because it's yeah.  That and I have my Starbucks since Friday is my Starbucks day.

     It's going to be a beautiful day today, in the 70's.  Plans for the weekend include washing my car, cleaning out my trunk, and a b-day party for my 11 year old cousin who is more like a little bro to me.

    I just found out that RIchard has to work 5 hours  Total OT hours for him this week: 13.  So, he needs to buy me something nice to makeup for lost time.  Actually, I'd settle for him washing my car and checking the air/fluids. 

    Moleson: Sounds like you had a fun adventure yesterday, but at least you got your grocery shopping done.  I also dread going grocery shopping, but it must get done.

    Jen: Some alone time is good.  With Richard's schedule I have plenty of it.  I hope that whatever you decide, that it works out for both of you.

    Em: Happy B-Day to your dad!

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  • That is so funny about your driveway, I can just picture you rolling back into the drive behind you then punching the as to get up yours! LOL

    I have absolutely no plans today. I am trying to stay home because everyone in my work/family/H work group is getting sick with either the flu or a bad stomach virus, so tonight I'm not going anywhere. Tomorrow evening me and H are going out for a little date night, dinner and a movie i'm sure.

    H is selling one of his project cars so is going to pick up another hobby he put on the back burner while he had that project car so Sunday i don't expect to see him until late that evening. He can not sit in the house for over an hour not doing anything unless its sleeping, so he always has different hobbies. But atleast Sunday I can get some laundry done, clean, and maybe go to the grocery store but it's always so crowded on Sundays.

    Jen- I hear ya on the "me" time, I need some too!! Not from H because he's always working but we have a roomate (my bff for 13 years) and she hasn't been in school for a couple of semesters and I forgot how much I like my alone time.

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