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Can I use Clorox wipes on Granite?

We just bought a house with granite countertops.  What can I use to clean it?  Can I use the clorox wipes?  I like the idea of disinfecting the countertops after preparing food.

What do I do?

Re: Can I use Clorox wipes on Granite?

  • I wouldn't.  If I need to disinfect mine I wash them with dish soap and water, then use a granite cleaner spray afterward.  If I'm just picking up crumbs or spills I will only use the spray.
  • Nope.  Don't.  I'm having granite installed and have been reading up on it.  Just use a light water/dish soap combo but nothing with citrus, and then buff with a soft, clean, dry towel.  Any of the acids will slowly (or quickly) eat off the finish.  And you want to seal it every year or two.  Go to Home Depot or your closest hardware store and ask them for the granite care section.  There should be sealer, a stone soap safe for it, and other useful stuff.  And google Granite Care.  You will get a ton of sites. 


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  • People tell you to be super careful with granite, but honestly -- it's one of the most durable substances that you can use for countertops.  I don't baby mine at all.  We've had it for 3 years, and it looks great.

    I use natural cleaners because that's what I feel comfortable using around my daughter.  I like Seventh Generation disinfecting spray, and I've also used Method's all purpose spray.  I also use Clorox Anywhere Spray if I have raw chicken juice or something (obviously not natural, but I don't want salmonella).   I wouldn't use 409 or anything.

    Those I use daily.  Once a week or so I'll use Method brand granite cleaner.  I like it, but I don't think it gets the counter clean, just polishes it up and makes it pretty.

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  • Use them weekly/daily if needed on granite and I think we just have builder grade stuff (says a granite guy who came out to give us a quote on our bathroom counter).

    We have sealed ours in the last year so I'm not worried at tall.

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