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fireplace cleaning????

My H & I just bought our first home, and in what will be our living room, we have a fireplace. I had it inspected and everything was fine and we are able to use it...the only thing is, the front/face of it has a lot of residue/soot ...and I want to clean this off the brick. I have heard that oven cleaner is great for this type of cleaning. Has anyone tried this, or have any other suggestions/solutions that they have tried or used??

Re: fireplace cleaning????

  • I don't have any tips or advice because I was just going to post something similar. Is your fireplace woodburning? I'm wondering about cleaning out the inside with the soot and ashes.
  • are you worried about cleaning the build up in the chimney shoot or just getting the ashes out of the inside?  I just use a broom to sweep the ashes into a dust pan and put them into a paper bag (obviously this is days after I've had a fire so that I don't burn my living room down with a paper bag full of hot ashes).  Then I just toss them. 
  • yea my fireplace is woodburning. I have swept it free of soot and ashes...but when we bought the house it had a built in screen...we took that off and now once we got up in there, there is this thick looking soot that I tried to wire brush off...and when we had it inspected they said it looked fine, but after researching...I saw pictures of creosate and it resembled what I I called the chimney guy back and he is coming out Friday to check it out for me. Thanks so much for all your help girls!
  • Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner (in the aerosal can) took the soot of the front of the brick surround on our fireplace.
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