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Friday Eve

Grrr...I'm not in a good mood.  It all started yesterday.  I went to Target and purchased some groceries (along with the comforter).  I proceeded to put everything in the trunk, not unusual.  I then get home and my trunk will not open.  I tried the latch on the side, and the trunk button on my key, and nope, nothing.  I then tried flipping down the back seats and tried getting in to the trunk that way.  The opening was blocked by the damn huge a$$ speaker box that DH put in my trunk.  I know the reason that the trunk won't open is because I have so much junk in there that somehow the cable on the mechanism that opens it came loose.  I know this because I checked out some youtube videos and in most cases the trunk did not open because of a loose cable.  I was so pissed yesterday because the groceries that I had spoiled...Grrr.

If that wasn't bad enough, I get a call from my aunt (my mom's sister).  Apparently there was an altercation at my grandparent's house and my mom went all psycho on my aunt.  I know my aunt instigated it, but not intentionally.  The other day she told my mom that she shouldn't treat me the way she does, and that she (my aunt) loves me like I was her daughter...uh, oh.  That is was pissed her off.  My mother has always been so much drama and I'm sick and tired of it. felt good to get all of that out.  I just need to keep reminding myself to think positive and everything will be ok.

How is everyone else this Friday Eve?

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Re: Friday Eve

  • wow!  Sounds like you had a crappy 24 hours!  Hopefully it gets better for you!!

    Things are ok here.  It's snowing here.  They said we would only get a couple inches, but right now looking out my office window, it looks like a white out!  Thankfully, I got to work right when the snow was starting.  I'm hoping it will quit soon and they plows get working before i leave to go home.  The roads were still crappy on my way into work even though it had just started.

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  • I had to get up this morning super early to get my dad to the airport at 6 this morning. He didn't want to park there. And then I went back home and slept until 930 because I didn't want to come into work until 10 today. Today I have nothing to do, just sit around at the house which is ging to be kind of nice because I haven't got to do that all week. And it's going to be a beautiful day here to high is 67, so maybe i'll try to go for a walk outside.
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  • image debdebdol:

    How is everyone else this Friday Eve?

    Um, It's only Thursday Tongue Tied

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  • Hope today is better for you Deb!

    I did pretty much nothing last night besides work on another hat. I was hoping to get it finished but I was combining two stitches and it took longer than I thought so I'll finish that tonight.

    I had zero patience this morning for my kiddos and I feel really bad. I just couldn't handle all their antsiness and not listening. Did more paperwork and still have more to do but I have a meeting at 1:45 at my other school (I hate when they do this to me) and therapy with two more groups. I guess I'll miss my last group today since I'll be at the meeting but that also means a shorter day for me which I'm not complaining about!

    I need to go grocery shopping but may send Jeremy to do that since he'll be bounching off the walls with his medicine he's on.

  • Came in to work late today since DH and I had to dig ourselves out of yet ANOTHER snow storm!  We officially have snowdrifts in our yard that are almost as tall as I am (I'm almost 5'4).  It's crazy - I don't think I've ever seen this much snow on the ground in my entire life!

    Right before our first big snowstorm of the season, I told DH we should buy a snowblower.  He said no because he didn't think we would need one.  Well, after several more large snowstorms to dig out from, he finally says this morning "I think we need a snowblower" like it's his big, bright idea all of a sudden lol.  I just said, "yes, good idea Baby."  Perhaps some of our tax refund will go towards this purchase.  Our amazing neighbor has been snowblowing our driveway EVERY single snowstorm we've had - we've been so spoiled - but we can't count on him to do that every single time.  We went across the street to give him a gift certificate and say thank you after the last snow storm, and this morning he was over at our house and right back at it.  We really need our own snowblower. But watch us buy one and we won't have another winter like this ever again and we'll barely use it LOL

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  • finally...i can login!

    i was only at work for a little while this morning then i went up to our richmond branch for a meeting and an "interview" if you want to even call it that.  they offered me the job, but we still dont know if don can transfer up there.  it could possibly be a $4 an hr raise, but it's at least a $2 raise if i took the job.  so we'll see if the starts align!

    tonight we're going to dinner w/ don's grandfather...that'll be nice since we haven't seen him since christmas.

    i am SOOOO glad tomorrow is friday.  i feel like i always say this, but it's true...i'm always so happy when the work week is done and i can have my weekends!!!

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  • 1. I don't envy y'all's snow problems. I'm bundled up like I'm on a freakin' Arctic exploration down here, and it's a bright sunny 63 outside. So, yick. That sucks. Become gypsies. Move to Texas for the winter. Flee in the summer.

    2. For some reason, The Nest no longer takes 10+ minutes to load for me, so I'm going to try to get back in the swing of things. Work blows. The internet is such a more entertaining past-time.

    3. If I were any more excited about the return of the Vampire Diaries after a foreverlong winter hiatus, Jason would probably divorce my fangrrly butt.


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