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Who's in Reno?

I will be in Reno for a week for work- should I stay at the Grand Sierra, the Peppermill or someplace else?


Re: Who's in Reno?

  • Lisa.

    Sorry, I have nothing further to offer.


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  • I wouldn't recommend the Grand Sierra (unless there happens to be a show you're interested in while you're in town) because it's not close to anything (other than the airport). It's not a bad place to stay and does have a movie theater and bowling alley.

    The Peppermill has recently been renovated and is supposed to be very nice. I have had friends stay there and say the room is pornstar-esque, but I think those were the old rooms. Their seafood restaurant has good cioppino and decent sushi. I've heard the pools there are nice (indoor and outdoor).

    Close to that is the Atlantis, which is the only casino I've stayed at in Reno. The rooms were nice. They have a fancy (read: freaking expensive) steakhouse and decent sushi. Both the Atlantis and the Peppermill are in mid-town, so not far from the mall, Whole foods, Mt Rose, etc.

    There is a group of casinos downtown (Silver Legacy, El Dorado, Circus Circus, Harrahs) which could be fun because there are a lot of options of things to do. Plus, you'd be near the river. However, the portion of S. Virginia Street that is downtown can get ghetto. Lots of homeless and/or drunks asking for bus fare, etc. Lots of drunk people roaming the streets. There is an indoor walkway that connects at least 3 of those hotels, so you don't have to subject yourself to the ghetto-ness. You'd also be able to shop at the uber cheezy souvenier shops if you were downtown.

    There are lots of shows that come to town (at the casinos and other venues) and if you find one you'd like to see, you could base your decision of where to stay on where the show is (the Knitting Factory and the Reno Events Center are both downtown).

    If you are interested in skiing, I think some of the casinos have shuttles that'll take you to area resorts, but I'm not positive. Mt. Rose is closest to town, but there are lots of other good places to ski nearby as well. Let me know if you'd like those recommendations.

    ETA: Overall, I would recommend the Peppermill or the Atlantis. In addition to what I said above, they both have spas, if you are into that. There are a couple of hotels that aren't associated with casinos, if you are interested in those.

    11/11/11 = 5 years. Woah!
  • Oh, and where will you be for work (if you don't mind telling me)? That might influence my recommendation.
    11/11/11 = 5 years. Woah!
  • Thanks for the info Lisa!

    Unfortunately, I checked the Peppermill and they are booked for Sunday the 6th (Superbowl- the day I arrive) so that's out since I dont want to switch hotels.

    I will be working on S. McCarran Blvd- so the Grand Sierra is closest.

    I will also be working market hours (5:30AM -2PM) so not sure how much nightlife I will be into considerring I will probably be in bed at 7.

    I am going with a co-worker but word on the street is he doesnt like to eat or drink- just likes video games. fun :( I'm not sure where he is staying- he said the Peppermill, but since it is booked, I doubt he is staying there.

    I do not eat meat or seafood- but thanks for the recs.. got any good veggie places?

    I'm pretty sure I wont have a car either... are shuttle available other than to the airport?

  • No comment on the subject at hand, but hi moojunk! How are you?
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  • Hi Kristen! I'm ok. Thanks for asking

  • I beleive the casinos have shuttles, but you would need to call and ask. I know the downtown casinos have a shuttle that runs up and down S. Virginia St. - mostly back and forth between the University and downtown (called the Sierra Spirit). Depending on where on S. McCarran you'll be, the Grand Sierra is probably closest. The Atlantis isn't too far, either. If I were you, I'd try the Atlantis and then the Grand Sierra. At the Atlantis you could at least walk to other restaurants and shops. It's not the prettiest area of town, but not scary. If you get a room on an upper floor you can get really good views of the mountains.

    If you had time and were bored, I'd be up for meeting you for a drink. It's hard for me to commit to a specific time and date at the moment because I am supposed to have an embryo transfer sometime around Superbowl Sunday. I should actually know more about that in the next couple of days.

    I'll think of good veggie-friendly restaraunts as well. There's a place called Napa Bistro inside the Atlantis that is supposed to be nice, but I've never been there.

    11/11/11 = 5 years. Woah!
  • image lisaiesha:

    If you had time and were bored, I'd be up for meeting you for a drink. It's hard for me to commit to a specific time and date at the moment because I am supposed to have an embryo transfer sometime around Superbowl Sunday. I should actually know more about that in the next couple of days.

    Excited for you! 


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  • Thanks Lisa, I really appreciate the info. I'm going to check out the Atlantis and see if they have rooms available.

    I'd love to meet up for a drink... I know I'm mostly a lurker around these parts, but I promise I'm not scary :) just page me on here if you have time.

     Good luck with the transfer!!

  • This post has had me singing "Baby's in Reno with the Vitamin D.  Got a couple of couches, sleep on the loveseat," for the past day.
  • Thanks for the well-wishes and thanks to HT for putting that song in my head. I think my transfer will actually be Feb. 3, so I will be FREEEEE as a BIRD when you're here. Well, sort of. I can't drink, but I can take you for a drink and/or for dinner. I promise, I'm not scary, either.
    11/11/11 = 5 years. Woah!
  • sounds good and I will be on an expense account. weeeeee!!
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