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Humiliating Confession!!!!!!!!! OMG!

Ok, so I created a new AE so I didn't have to let you all know who I am ...

Last night my DH was performing oral sex (which was completely amazing, btw), and as soon as I started to ***, I farted right in his face ... NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER, OMG!!!!!!! 

I was torn between hiding in the bathroom and laughing uncontrollably.  He was totally fine, and rolling right along with me, but OMG, embarrasing.  I'm a newlywed (been married only a couple months) and we're (me) still totally working on getting comfortable.  We're definitely closer to that goal ... Indifferent   Embarrassed

Re: Humiliating Confession!!!!!!!!! OMG!

  • OMG! I would be embarassed too! But this ackward moment will soon pass and you guys will crack up when you think about it. I bet you will be a little tense the next time he goes down on you though. Try to make a joke out of it and then move on!
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  • OMG, I'm sorry thats hilarious.  But as the old saying goes if you can't laugh at yourself you can you laugh at!

    I wouldn't get to hung up on it, it just one of many funny/humiliating moments that you guys will have in your marriage.


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  • We make odd sounds all the time, but that's funny.  Oh well, you're married so all you can do it get over it and laugh!
  • OMG is right, but I've done the same thing! Just not while I was cumming! my DH was going down on me about a month ago and I let one slip out, and it was pretty loud. We both burst out laughing SO hard we couldn't finish! He tried to, but were both laughing so much, it was pointless! Thanks for sharing! 

  • I have had the urge to pass gas while having sex with my wife. I'll go covert by hopping up and asking her to change positions. Usually I can let it slip out without her hearing.

     At least you didn't do it during anal. That may have been worse, it's hard to tell.

  • smile.  that happens a lot more frequently than you'd think.  women throw up on their partner's penises while performing oral on them and all other sorts of embarrassing things happen.  in the end, as you said, it makes you more comfortable with your partner.

    i wrote an article about MY most embarassing moments--as well as several others submitted by my readers.  if you're interested in laughing your rear off and feeling better about yourself, private message me, and i'll send you the link.


  • Lol one of my bffs told me that she peed on her hubby's face while he was eating her out!! XD
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