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Chats with Amy & Moo

Part 1: It's not chop! It can't be!
1:59 PM 
me: holyfuck
2:00 PM amynumbers: oh i know
  i know
  i really really hope it isn't chop or star
  but no one hates fenton quite like them
2:01 PM me: I don't think it's chop
  If it is, like Star's alcoholism, I will happily look like an ass
2:02 PM amynumbers: yeah
  i mean, i'm always more comfortable with "crazy lurker"

5 minutes
2:07 PM me: I'd rather know my enemy than not
2:10 PM amynumbers: Although, how crazy would it be if this is the thing that just drove chop over the line
2:11 PM i could see star doing it before her though -- i just feel like it would be more her thing
2:14 PM me: If it is chop then I am quitting the internet
  I know Star's more in a hurt place than an angry place but I guess if something set her off
2:19 PM SHUT UP MIKES YOU BORING LOSER: I think most of us believe it is chop and still think it's pretty fukked.
 amynumbers: Fallin is going to be so pissed she missed the day chop went insane

6 minutes
2:26 PM me: It'd be even CRAZIER if hezz and fent were also partyplanner. CHUNG CHUNG
2:27 PM amynumbers: i'm so paranoid of everyone
2:28 PM me: Me too, especially since apparently I work with a random lurker's sister. I've been kind of sketched out since then and scrutinizing everyone who walks by my desk
2:32 PM amynumbers: I'm surprised so many people think it's chop
 me: Me too!
 amynumbers: it makes me think there are more people who thought she was a little off than would admit it
 me: Like, with no proof at all. It's so easy to pretend to be someone else. All she did was sign "chop"
 amynumbers: whereas i do think she is a little off, but wouldn't do it

10 minutes
2:43 PM me: Seems the concensus is that chop has been anti-NEY so she's going out with a bang
2:44 PM amynumbers: hmmmm
  i guess
2:45 PM if by bang you mean "people think youa re nuts"

Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.

Re: Chats with Amy & Moo

    image Ready to rumble.
  • Part 2: Fent has integrity!/Are we being set up?/Playing KL/Maybe Chop and Fent are in cahoots?/Maybe it's Cali?

     amynumbers: i know
      I KNOW
    10:40 AM me: As I said, I'm a little gunshy after EG but this does not look good at all. I wish KL would give up the goods on the connection.

    6 minutes
    10:47 AM amynumbers: i miss fallin
    10:50 AM me: I hate Knot Laura. Give up the goods!!!!
      I'm still a little skeptical of Fenton's sudden love because a couple of weeks ago I was not on anyone's list for "most trustworthy NEYer"
    10:51 AM So if she were trying to pull one over, I would be a good choice to "verify"
    10:52 AM amynumbers: there is a totally overall paranoia i still have
    10:53 AM me: Damn you, Knot Laura. Hmmm. I wonder if one of us emailed KL if she could tell us if she'd been in contact with Fenton about this
      Like "Hey, so I hear .chop. may be crazy, she has my home address. Should I be worried?"
     amynumbers: i kind of think that's why fenton left her email address open
      so people could verify it was real
    10:55 AM me: I would like to see the email headers. I forwarded it to myself at work to see if I could see the whole trail but I couldn't.

    6 minutes
    11:02 AM amynumbers: this is probably why I'm going to be ok believe it was chop
      fenton, i think, has some integrity
      she and proud do not speak
      like at all
    11:03 AM and yet, fenton can not be prodded to bash proud ever
     me: Yeah, I can see that
     amynumbers: so i think she wouldn't be so quick to give us her real names and set us up
    11:04 AM me: And the email image is pretty damning. It's not in reply or forward mode where text can be edited

    5 minutes
    11:09 AM me: I am just shocked. And if chop's gonna deny it she better have some damn compelling evidence.
    11:11 AM amynumbers: chop is back
    11:13 AM me: zoom!
    11:14 AM I think I might email KL and be really scared of Chop coming after me with a knife
    11:17 AM amynumbers: do it!
    11:20 AM me: Hi Laura,

    _Fenton gave me your email address, I hope that's okay.

    I've been following this .chop. drama for a couple of days now, as I have considered .chop. a pretty good friend. Now that you have this connection between her and the psycho prtyplanner person, I'm kind of worried. She has my home address and some other information about me. We've never met in person but we've been chatting off the knot for over a year so I trusted her. We exchanged Christmas cards, things like that. She also knows where I work.

    How strong is this connection? Should I be worried that the same thing could happen to me?

    Thank you so much for any help you can give.

      Fingers crossed she bites
     amynumbers: hah
      i love it
    11:21 AM me: Note: I have never exchanged Christmas cards with Chop, nor are we BFF off the knot, aside from some MS messages
     amynumbers: this is what i do believe
      even if it's not chop
      fenton really believes it chop
      i don't think she is playing people
    11:22 AM could another afber be playing her
     me: Yeah, I don't think she's trying to set her up now
    11:23 AM Chop is not helping her case by posting fake (I assume) connections from KL
     amynumbers: if she had proof from KL, she'd be making that biitch share with everyone

    14 minutes
    11:38 AM me: What a whore Laura is!

    Yes, I saw that she has been posting our correspondence on the messageboards. I wish she wouldn?t, but it?s a little too late for that now.

    I was not in the office yesterday, so I don?t know the full back story. I have yet to see a post from ?partyplnr? so I guess I?m not fully aware of the seriousness of the matter. If you have a link to on of their posts, I?d appreciate it.

    As far as the connection, I can only say that there is one. As you saw in my email, we don?t track IP addresses, so that leaves only the information that a user provides when they create an account. I cannot 100% confirm that these two names belong to the same person, but I am 90% sure.


    Knot Laura
    11:39 AM amynumbers: Hah!
      That is great
    11:40 AM because 90% totally equals amy100%
     me: She's watching us!
     amynumbers: i may love her
     me: Doesn't KL have deleted board privs though?
    11:41 AM amynumbers: i don't know
     me: I'm asking her. It's kind of fun to play naive
    11:43 AM I guess if nothing else we have confirmation that the email fenton posted is real
      Here's my response:
      Hi Laura,

    Thanks so much for your quick response!

    I don't have a link to any prtyplanner posts as it was deleted almost immediately. Many people reported it so it might have been deleted by one of you guys, or deleted by the poster herself. Is there any way to get a deleted post back? I think it was all happening around 12:30 EST yesterday if that helps.

    This is all just a shock to me, I really considered chop to be pretty stand-up. I can't believe she'd do something like this but you're the one with the evidence so I'll trust your judgment.

    Thank you again, and thanks for all you guys do dealing with us crazies. :)

    11:45 AM amynumbers: you are genius
    11:46 AM clearly if chop had proof from KL, she would ahve gotten it by now and could have posted it
    11:50 AM me: What if this is chop AND fent pulling the greatest prank EVER?
     amynumbers: that would magnificent
    11:51 AM except that hoenstly chop seems off her game since it has happened
      he posts don't seem the same
     me: Yeah, I was noticing that, too
      She seems kind of desperate to keep her friends
    11:53 AM amynumbers: I not shocked if it is her, but i am disappointed
    11:54 AM maybe it's pollyanna, but i was really happy believing regs just wouldn't do that
     me: It's like she's unraveling before our eyes
      I'm one of the ones who doesn't like total thunderdome, I like some hippocrazy



    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • I'm glad to see my impeccable character has been acknowledged.
    "As of page 2 this might be the most boring argument ever. It's making me long for Rape Day." - Mouse
  • image salimoo:
    Part 1: It's not chop! It can't be!
    2:14 PM me: If it is chop then I am quitting the internet
      I know Star's more in a hurt place than an angry place but I guess if something set her off Hmmmmmmmmm... 
    2:19 PM SHUT UP MIKES YOU BORING LOSER: I think most of us believe it is chop and still think it's pretty fukked.
     amynumbers: Fallin is going to be so pissed she missed the day chop went insaneSo true.
  • Awesomeness
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  • Part 3: IT MUST BE STAR.

    2:07 PM amynumbers: i don't get what the horaween evite means
    2:09 PM me: I think some crazy lurker or someone we're not thinking of got fenton's name from the evite
      Everyone's all saying "It has to be chop! She's the only crazy one who had fenton's name! Where else would someone get her name?"
    2:10 PM amynumbers: so a lurker would ahve had to search
    to find it
    2:14 PM me: I'm looking into that now
      Once upon a time there was a "public calendar" where you could find events in your area
    2:15 PM amynumbers: good
      fallin must be a great lawyer
    2:20 PM me: I can't find how to find other peoples invites now, they must have gotten rid of that function
      It still doesn't look good for Chop, though
    2:21 PM amynumbers: yeah
      a lurker thinking to search evite is a major stretch
      plus, she is not on ney but totally on bomb shleter right now
    2:22 PM me: I don't think they did it recently, but I could see someone crazy saving it for future reference. Problem is, I can't think of who
    2:23 PM Who, chop? I don't think that means anything. I'm not on NEY either. Plus with bubblewatch08, I could see wanting to lie low
    2:27 PM amynumbers: god this si killing me
      just own up to it
    2:29 PM me: I still want KL's connection but that whore hasn't responded to me
      Sure, take my deleted posts suggestion and run with it. Whatever.
    2:31 PM amynumbers: this is my other theory
      and just take it for what it is worth
      that maybe it was star
    2:32 PM and that is why KL can't tell chop because it violates knot privacy
      since it isn't chop or fenton
      and maybe star now relizes how douche tasttic it was
      she has more of a hate on for fenton than chop

    7 minutes
    2:40 PM me: Hmmm. I like the theory.
      BUT. I don't think Star and Chop have that kind of love anymore.
      Unless you're saying Star was just being opportunistic. That I might be able to buy.
     amynumbers: yeah
    2:41 PM like maybe chop doesn't even know
    2:42 PM i ahve a meeting at 3
      good god
    2:43 PM me: I hope it all comes out soon then
      Or that it waits until after your meeting
    2:44 PM But back to Star. If I were choosing between Star and Chop for most likely to do this, Star wins hands down
      I didn't think either of them would but I feel like Chop would be more of a shock than Star



    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • That seems to be all the related chats I have with Amy. I did find this in another chat, though. AMY IS PSYCHIC.

    amynumbers: honestly, one day I'll be gone for a week and come back, have a kid, and you'll never know

    10:06 PM me: "Hey, guys, I was in the hospital for a couple of days. No big deal. What did I miss?"



    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • I don't think I realized I was ever a suspect, if only for a brief moment.  I'm special!

    I always wondered if it was actually Star trying to stand up for Chop.  I still don't know if I'm entirely convinced it wasn't her (although it's obvious Chop was the one who created the account, I assume to eff with Proud).

    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
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