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Drive thru rules

Rules for drive Thru, Beware: Will be offensive to some

OK if u work or have worked in fastfood, i know u will feel me on this!!

Here are some rules for coming thru a Wendy's Drive Thru:

1. Ummmmm is not on the *** Menu!!
2. Hamburger = a Jr. or single, specify u jack ass
3. Know what the *** u want when u pull up, We hate guessing Games
4. Say ur order at a steady pace, It's not a race. Also, don't wait for us to lead u along, Say what the *** u want and if we have any questions we will be more than thrilled to ask u
5. Get the *** off ur DAMN CELL PHONE!!! Talk to me or them!!!
6. " Hi may I take ur order" ***"One moment please.......Hey I'm at wendy's, What do u and BaBa's kids want?" OK, heres a tip u ***, get the order before u Get here.
7. When U pull in the Sign says Wendys, Not McDonalds. Therefore, We do not Carry *** McNuggets, no McChickens, as a matter of fact, We have nothing on our menu that starts with a Mc, So get the McFuck Outta My McFuckin Drive thru and McFuck off.
8. If U can't Understand The man on Speaker, get in line, we can't either. We jus hired him because he works hard for cheap. In order to keep our prices low, we need him. Don't like it, then go to another store. wow, I didn't swear in this one, what the ***!!!
9. Don't order no salt fries and then ask for salt at the window. I hate *** Liars, and I won't give u the salt, so if u want ur $.99 fries fresh big spender, then *** ask!
10. One person orders, I'm not about to listen to every ass in the car *** order. I have a life.
11. Muzzle ur damn children. I don't need to listen to ur precious little daughter order her *** food. Cute to u, annoying as *** to me.
12. Hmmmmmmm Lets get an attitude over the speaker, guess what, we make ur food after u order it, put two and two together *** face.
13. Turn the Bass down ass clown, we don't care about ur boom booms, that *** is ridiculous!
14. Speak English in drive thru, Cuz if we can't understand u, then u get what we feel u deserve.
15. Yes we racially profile with Nugget sauces, Black people Get BBQ, White get Ranch, Arabs get Honey mustard, and Asians Get Sweet and Sour, Gays get honey. If u want something different then u better say something.
The next few are collaborations from Mikey and Ben:

16: our kids meals are NOT happy meals. nobody is happy here at wendy's so dont say *** happy meals.
17: our workers here make around 6-7 $ an hour. dont expect five star restaurant food unless you wanna give us sexual favors in the walk in.
19: We also racially profile drinks. Black people get Hi-C and sprite, white peolpe who think they are black get the same. Asians get Tea, White people get Coke and cherry coke, Gays get lemonade. Arabs get pibb and rootbeer.If we can tell while ur ordering that ur fat ckeeks are getting in the way of the sound waves escaping ur mouth, u get Diet. It's not that we care, but the longer we prolong ur heartattack the more we make off of u!
bsp; &nbs
bsp; &nbs
20: chances are the chili you are about to eat has had an added ingidient to it. ill give you a hint....its sperm.
21: if you hear a OH MY GOSH loudly from one of the workers..dont disreguard it cuz its probably because of you.

22. If you're old, don't complain about the free drinks being too small. You got your money's worth. Now go die or something.
23. Same goes for waters. Especially if you order like six, at the window.
24. Don't complain about the quality of anything on the dollar menu. Maybe if you give me another dollar, I might give a ***.
25. Jr Cheeseburger, Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, and Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe are three different things. If you order one of these but wanted a different one, then complain, I will direct you to the nearest elementary school so you can learn english.

26. Don't ask me where on the menu things are. I didn't make the menu. I am also very concerned that you are driving, since you're obviously blind.
27. If it takes you more than one minute to find your money, I'm going to activate the land mines.
28. Don't try and make small talk. We really don't give a ***.
29. Yes, we do automatically assume that all of our customers are asshats and fucktards. Why else would they eat here?
30. If you order pink lemonade, which is obviously nowhere on the menu, I will take the regular lemonade and add a little fruit punch for color. You're dumb enough to not notice, anyway.
31. We have never had vanilla frosties. I can give you a protein shake, though.
32. Don't *** at me when I ask for id when you give me your credit card. No matter where you use it, people are supposed to ask for id. Just to show you why, I'll hold it up to the camera, get the card # later, and charge a whole bunch of *** with it. You'd probably have just used the money for bugers, anyway, fatass.
33. If you're so fat that walking inside is difficult, or you're oozing out of the car, maybe you should just go to a gym, or a third world country so you can be chopped up to feed the starving for a few years.
34. Thanks for telling me how to do my job. Now let me go to your job and tell you how to suck ***.
35. It's not polite to stare. The drive thru guy won't do tricks if you look at him long enough. He might start masturbating, though. Ahhh skeet skeet in yo cola. Ahhh skeet skeet in yo fries.
36. If you complain about a sandwich that has a smiley face of mustard (even if it's not about the smiley face), you will go to hell. If you complain about the smiley face itself, I'll send you there.
38. Don't *** about us not having small fries. They're not on the menu, but would cost about as much as a medium, anyway. If we have medium, biggie, and great biggie, then the medium is actually our small, and the biggie is our medium.
39. Don't *** about the slightly smaller fries in the combos. OH NO, I GET 0.6oz fewer fries! I will be 0.03% less fat than I could be!
I bet her FUPA's name is Shane, like the gunslinger/drifter of literature.--HappyTummy

Re: Drive thru rules

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