June 2010 Weddings
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Name it

Favorite brands:




Face wash:



Peanut Butter:

Ice Cream:





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Back in June 2010...

Re: Name it

  • Toothpaste:  Tom's of Maine

    Shampoo:  Jason Naturals

    Face wash:  Burt's Bees

    Jeans:  Abercrombie & Fitch

    Shoes: Nike

    Peanut Butter: Skippy

    Ice Cream: Breyers
  • Toothpaste:  Crest Whitening with Scope

    Shampoo:  Big Sexy Hair

    Face wash:  Olay Pro X

    Jeans:  Right now: GAP, pre-preg: Express (jeans for the gal w/ no ass) 

    Shoes: Too Many!  Nine West tends to dominate my closet

    Peanut Butter: Peter Pan Creamy

    Ice Cream: Blue Bell Cookies and Cream.  Little bit of heaven in a cold, creamy treat.  
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    Carter born 5/28/11
    BFP 9/27/12 EDD 6/11/13, MC 9wks, no HB

  • Toothpaste: Colgate 3D

    Shampoo: Pantene Pro-V

    Face wash: Neutrogena

    Jeans: American Eagle, but I do have a pair of Banana Republic skinny jeans that I would marry.

    Shoes: Sneaker wise- Nike Everything else- Nine West

    Peanut butter: Peter Pan creamy

    Ice cream: Ben and Jerry's! MOUTH ORGASMS WITH EVERY BITE!

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  • Toothpaste:     Crest Sensitivity

    Shampoo:        Tresemme (I think I spelled that right)

    Face wash:       Lush's Angels on Bare Skin

    Jeans:                Maurice's Taylor boot cut

    Shoes:                Adidas 

    Peanut Butter:    Jif Creamy

    Ice Cream:          Ben and Jerry

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  • Favorite brands:


    Toothpaste: crest cinnamon

    Shampoo: suave?

    Face wash: body shop

    Jeans: american eagle or abercrombie

    Shoes: anne klein or bcbg

    Peanut Butter: skippy natural

    Ice Cream: ben and jerry's

  • Favorite brands:


    Toothpaste:  Crest paste, not the gel stuff.  I hate the gel stuff.

    Shampoo: Herbal Essence Hydrating with coconut milk

    Face wash:  I just buy the standard, off brand stuff.  Usually from Target. 

    Jeans:  ANA from JC Penney

    Shoes: Steve Madden

    Peanut Butter:  JIF crunchy

    Ice Cream:  I usually don't buy ice cream.  If I am craving it, I only like homemade stuff so we have to go to somewhere that makes it.  Mmmmm, now it sounds good....  :)

    Josh + Meagan 06.12.10/Baby J 11.8.12
  • Toothpaste: Crest

    Shampoo: Nexxus

    Face wash: Clean and clear (cheap, i know!)

    Jeans: Old navy. 

    Shoes: new balance for sneakers for nice shoes it depends. usually nine west has some cute stuff. 

    Peanut Butter:  jif

    Ice Cream: ben and jerry's or stroh's

    Bio Update 4.25.10
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  • Toothpaste:  Crest

    Shampoo: Herbal Essences

    Face wash: Purpose Soap

    Jeans: Old Navy

    Shoes: Rocket Dog

    Peanut Butter: Skippy

    Ice Cream:Haagen-Dasz or however it's spelled.
    08/13: Started TTC  - 07/14: PCOS dx
    BFP 09/18/15 - Baby S 05/27/16
  • Toothpaste:  Crest

    Shampoo:  Herbal Essences

    Face wash:  Biore

    Jeans:  Levis

    Shoes:  Asics

    Peanut Butter: Jif

    Ice Cream:  Blue Bell
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  • Favorite brands:


    Toothpaste: Crest

    Shampoo: Pantene

    Face wash: Proactive

    Jeans:I hate shopping for jeans.  I find a pair here and there that work, but I wouldn't say I have a favorite.

    Shoes: my crocs. 

    Peanut Butter: crunchy

    Ice Cream: moolenium crunch!

  • Toothpaste: COLGATE TOTAL

    Shampoo: PANTENE PRO V

    Face wash: NAXCEMA

    Jeans: 7

    Shoes: Nine West

    Peanut Butter: I DON"T LIKE IT


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  • Toothpaste: Whatever is on sale!! Crest or Colgate for J, i use prescription stuff

    Shampoo: Pantene Prov V brunette Expressions

    Face wash: Some Laura Mercer stuff, or Ponds wipes

    Jeans: Whatever fits over my azz and thighs 

    Shoes: On sale and sexy!!!!

    Peanut Butter:  Skippyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Ice Cream: I defiantly do not discriminate, i will eat it alllllll 

  • Toothpaste: Crest

    Shampoo: I wish I could find a favorite for my dry, frizzy, white girl fro!!  any recs?

    Face wash: Cetaphil

    Jeans: citizen

    Shoes: privo

    Peanut Butter: skippy

    Ice Cream: babock (a WI fave!)
  • Toothpaste:Colgate total extra whitening (I think, I like anything whitening tho)

    Shampoo:Matrix volumizing

    Face wash:Bioelements flash foam

    Jeans:Old Navy I guess

    Shoes: new balance

    Peanut Butter:skippy all natural I think

    Ice Cream:ben & jerrys!

    "Everything will be alright in the end. So if it's not alright, it is not yet the end."
    "She wasn't bitter. She was sad, though. But it was a hopeful kind of sad. The kind of sad that just takes time." The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    Me:28 DH:28 TTC since 1/11 Dx: unexplained IF/early DOR
    Feb'12- Clomid/TI with CD3 &21 labs(normal)& SA-count 6mil/ml,morph/motil OK-BFN
    April'12 Ultrasounds,HSG -clear, slight acurate uterus
    5/14 IUI #1-50 mg clomid-post wash total motile count 19.3 prometrium 2dpiui= BFN
    6/11-IUI #2-100 mg clomid & prometrium post wash count total motile 17.5 = BFN
    7/6 IUI#3 with 100 mg clomid, estridiol, prometrium. post wash total motile count 23.3 = BFN
    8/30IVF#1 BCPs, Follistim, Menopur,Ganerelix,Novarel.
    ER 9/11-8R, 7M, 5F.
    ET 9/14 2 embies transferred. 1 10cell Grade 4, 1 8cell Grade 4. No frosties. BFN
    IVF#2 BCPs, Follistim, Menopur, Ganerelix, Novarel, Baby Aspirin
    ER 12/5-16R, 12M, 8F!
    ET 12/10 5dt! 1 fully expanded blast & 1 early blast. No frosties. BFN
    2/13- Saline sono revealed a polyp. All additional labwork coming back normal. Genetic screen revealed DH has MTHFR deficiency & I am a carrier for it.
    3/13 hysteroscopy & polypectomy
    next up-Reproductive immunologist Appt 3/27, cycling in may?

    Here Comes the Sun Blog
    PAIF/SAIF welcome!
  • Toothpaste: Crest

    Shampoo: Dove

    Face wash: Neutrogena

    Jeans: American Eagle

    Shoes: Any kind of flip-flops

    Peanut Butter: Skippy Natural

    Ice Cream: It's a tie: Haagan Daaz Coffee & Baskin Robbins Mint Choc. Chip

  • Favorite brands:


    Toothpaste: Crest 3D White

    Shampoo: Aussie

    Face wash: Neutrogena

    Jeans: Whatever I find that fits nicely

    Shoes: I buy a lot of target shoes..

    Peanut Butter: Jif

    Ice Cream: Skinny Dip frozen yogurt! 


    "I love you.. even when you're sick and look disgusting!" -Love Actually
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