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Military move to Hawaii-- any help

Okay, so the backstory is DH and I were married less than a month before he deployed so I decided to stay back home during the deployment instead of moving to Hawaii (Stationed at K Bay) right away. The plan is for me to move out there in May after the semester ends and before D's homecoming.

The only big move I have ever made is to college and back again. I'm a little at a loss of where to begin with moving plans, especially since it's not as simple as putting things in my car and driving there. We don't have a TON of stuff to move (no furniture is really worth paying to move to Hawaii), but we do have a decent amount of wedding/shower gifts and all of my stuff to get there.

Since it's not a PCS we wont get any sort of assistance, right?

How soon should I begin the process of moving stuff? (I've heard it can take like 6 weeks to get there.)

How do I move stuff, when I don't even have a house/address?

Are there certain moving companies that anyone would recommend? 

I'm confident I'll be able to do it all on my own, but right now it just seems a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. ANY advice would be very much appreciated! TIA! 

ETA: I usually post on MN, but someone suggested I try here for help too!  

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Re: Military move to Hawaii-- any help

  • Hi, love your siggy pic!  A lot of us ladies here don't live in Hawaii but had destination weddings over on the Islands :)  There are quite a few local girls on this board too, so I'm sure some of them may have some advice for you.  Best of luck with your move to Oahu.
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  • My father was in the Military, and I have lived on Oahu for 10 years, so I consider myself from here since I'm 23. Kaneohe is a great base, have your husband talk to his higher up. He should be able to talk to legal (deployed or not) and have your stuff sent free. Depending on his rank, you'll be able to move a certain allotment in pounds to Hawaii (as in any other base). So have him ask. Then he'll be able to point you in the right direction, if he doesn't help you himself. You might also look at the legal department on the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Website.



  • Another place you could post this would be the Military Nestie board. Good luck !
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  • Hey girl :)



    My name is Whitney and i ma navy wife here on Oahu, Your situation and mine are like identical :) My husband and I eloped and was deployed 5 days later and I stayed home in Fl while he was deployed them came out here about 3 days before he came home so I could be here for his first homecoming :) I am very familar with kaneohe area and the marine base which i am assuming yall are marine :) We are navy and live over in Pearl Harbour, but its not that far from yall only about a 15 min drive :) So if you have any questions about moving i am here :) My email is [email protected] :)  So as far as moving we moved everything out here, only because the navt payed for it, but most of our furniture we bought at the NEX and that would be my reccomendation for anything you dont wanna pay to move out here, i would purchase at the NEX furniture store its several times cheaper then any store you will find here, PLus the stuff is pretty nice :) Now I am pretty sure the Marine Corp should pay to have your car shipped here, i am not too sure but the only other marine couple i know out here told me the marines payed for theirs to be sent here :)

  • ahhh my thing cut me off lol :) but yeah as far as moving its going to be a pain, you will have to call and speak to the housing people on kaneohe. Which you should do asao because sine there are sooo many darn people out here they may have to put you on a houseing list, maybe not with the marines because i know they just built alot of new housing :) But yeah it takes prob a month and half to get your stuff. The navy came and took all our stuff about 2 weesk before i moved out here and it all came about 6 weeks later so it takes between about 6-9 weeks :( Also, the marines will take care of where it gets sent to, they will notify the moving people, we had to go on a houseing list for about 3 months and we got word of our address with a photo about a month before i moved. Although when you get the info, the house is not actually ready ti takes them about a week to clean it out and finish up paperwork from previous tenants. You should be going thru a company called forest city, i am pretty sure they handle all military housing here in hawaii. i think thats about it :) any other questions feel free to ask :)
  • My husband and i had a very similar situation, we got married 2 months before he moved out here, but after they already moved his things out here, He moved out here in august and i moved out here in october (we were  waiting on base housing,) and we literally have a tv and a loveseat to start with, we bought EVERYTHING out here, it isnt so bad if you can find nice things on craiglist, or if you shop on base or at the nex! good luck!
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