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Lab/Pit Bull Mixes size/weight ?

I was wondering if you have a Lab/Pit mix did you find them to be on the smaller side as a puppy?  My vet is telling me my dog is perfect for his age/weight but others are telling me he is thin/skinny and small.   He was a rescue so I don't know exactly how big his parents were. 

He is currently 4 months and 18lbs.  I know he doesn't have much fat on him but I think he looks good.  I also don't want him to grow sooo fast and have joint problems, as labs tend to get.  

Re: Lab/Pit Bull Mixes size/weight ?

  • Since he is a rescue, are you absolutely certain he's a lab/pit mix? 

    I fostered a (possibly) lab/pit mix, but when I took him in, he was 5-ish years old. He was . . . 50-60 lbs? My purebred lab is 85 pounds.  

  • Pits can vary in size a lot. I think pits in the shelter are so mixed it is hard to say he is only a lab mix. I would trust the vet, everyone thinks I starve my lab mix but his vet says he is just lean. 
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  • my daisy is a lab/pit and she is 35lbs at about 7 months.

  • I just saw your response to me in your other post, so i looked up daisy's vet records. She was around 20lbs at 4 months, so close to the same size as yours.

    She's always been really little (she was 3.5lbs when we got her) and our vet always jokes that maybe she's really a pit/chihuahua mix.  

  • My boy is almost a year old and is about 65 lbs. At 4 months i think he was around 25 lbs. He's very lean, thinner than the typical lab.
  • Did the rescue see the parents by any chance to know for sure that's what he's mixed with? Rescues and shelters generally guess a mix exactly 25% of the time so there's a good chance he could be mixed with other things. Pit bulls also vary a lot in size, we have adults that range from 30lbs-90lbs at our shelter now so it's really hard to say what the norm is. I would just make sure he is healthy and at a good weight for his size, if ribs aren't showing, tailbone isn't protruding your vet is probably right that he's perfect.
  • Rather than going by the weight you think your mix breed will be as an adult, I would go by how much weight they're carrying on their current bone structure. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it does is my head :)
  • Roxie is a lab/pit/who knows mix. According to our vet records she was about 19 lbs at 4 months. She's almost 5 yrs now and hovers around 55 lbs. Not sure if that helps at all since we have no way of knowing her parents sizes or their breeds/mixes for sure. We're just going by the info the rescue gave us and from asking people who are knowledgeable about dogs to guess her mix. lol
  • My lab/pit mix is 2 1/2 months old and 22 lbs,
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