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Toning up arms

DH has a big work event to go to in a month. I'm wearing a sleeveless dress so I'm hoping to tone my arms up a bit by then! (Yes, kind of last minute). Any ideas on things that will help? I have 5lb weights.

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Re: Toning up arms

  • 5lb weights probably won't do much, honestly. Push ups and pull ups would probably be your best bet.

    I wouldn't expect too great a change in a month, regardless. 

  • Well, there's really no such thing as "toning up". It all depends on how much body fat you have covering your arms and how much muscle you're building.

    And like PP said, 5lb weights aren't going to do anything. If anything, try using your body weight as resistance and then move up to heavier weights.



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  • Arms can be toned pretty quickly depending on how much body fat you have. Start with 5 lbs weights for the first week, and then move up to 8lbs.   Find some arm exercises to do and be very dedicated to do them every other day.  Also do some push ups on those days.  Good luck!
  • image Daisy57b:
    Arms can be toned pretty quickly depending on how much body fat you have.

    I agree.  Try cutting white flour and sugar from your diet, and that will help make your arms look more defined because you will lose body fat.  Ditto to everyone that 5 lbs weights aren't likely to do much for you but that push-ups are great.

    Good luck!

  • Yoga.  I practice twice a week and it has done wonders for my arms.  Although I doubt you'll see much difference in a month.
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