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need help sympathy gift for friends husband


One of my friends from highschool who moved away just recently lost her husband.  He was 25 years old and laid down last friday to take a nap and didnt wake up.  He was home on leave from the army.  I guess something happened overseas that triged it, but no one thought it was serious or what not.  he had no brain activity and passed away this week.  He has two small daughters. One with my friend. 

I was thinking of getting something for there little girl.  Or does anyone have any ideas. I have to mail it so i dont want to spend alot..

Thanks for the ideas.. Also if you can pray for the family it would greatly be appricated



Re: need help sympathy gift for friends husband

  • When my sister in law died, the following are what my brother in law appreciated most:

    Gift card to a grocery store/HyVee type with dinner available

    A gift card to go out to eat, nothing fancy, but no one has to think of what to make

    A cleaning service

    A cookbook

    A great, great card with loving message

  • Oh my gosh, what a horrible tragedy and a nightmare for your friend.  I'm so sorry.

    I'm not sure what to get for their daughter, but I'm sure practical gifts would be incredibly helpful right now (order dinner from a local place to be delivered, gift card for groceries......I'm horrible at suggestions for things like this off the cuff).

    Blythe, born 6/5/10, and Oscar the dog (not pictured), adopted 11/16/07
  • I agree with PP. Gift cards towards meals, cleaning service, or even make premade meals that she can thaw and throw in the oven as needed. Maybe when things calm down, offer playdates, or babysitting. 

    What a horrible tragedy. :(

  • When my BIL passed away, we found most helpful people who just DID things for us. Without asking. "I am coming to pick up xxx and we are going to the park for a couple of hours." or people who showed up with food instead of "Let me know what I can do" or "Call if you need anything". The gift cards were nice, but not having to make the decisions was better. As for the kiddos, maybe movies or something? 

    I am so sorry for your (& your friends loss).

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