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Cleaning list


A long time ago, I saw a list from the hyper housewife, on what to clean each day/week.  Does anyone know where I can find this?

Re: Cleaning list

  • I don't know about that one, but has one.  It can become overwhelming but I usually stick to the basics.

    But I am going to HomeDepot to get some tubs to re-box Christmas stuff.


    I copied her lists to Notepad and then made my own versions in Excel. Below is the copy/paste from Notepad if you want to make your own version.


    Daily Cleaning List

    -Load dishwasher and wipe down sink
    -Wipe down stovetop
    -Wipe down all the counters
    -Swiffer the floor

    -Wipe down the sink
    -Wipe down toilet seat and rim
    -Swoosh bowl with brush
    -Wipe mirror and faucet
    -Spray shower curtain with mist after each use

    -Make the bed
    -Fold/hang clothing and put away jewlery
    -Straighten out nightstand/dresser surfaces

    Living areas:
    -Pick up crumbs and dust bunnies with a handheld vaccuum
    -Fluff the cushions and flod the throws
    -Wipe tabletops and spot clean cabinets
    -Straighten up coffee tables and stray items

    ONe of the hardest things to stick to could most possibly be weekly cleaning. Daily cleaning get easy if you are in the habit. And with that your house looks clean on the surface yet isn't at all. Split it a little everyday and your house will be spraking clean every day, year round.

    Weekly Cleaning List

    -Mop the floor
    -Wipe the cabinets, backsplashes, appliances, and fans
    -Wash the dishrack
    -Wipe the switchplates and phone
    -Wipe the inside of the garbage can

    -Scrub the tub and tiles
    -Mop the floor
    -Wipe switchplates, doorknobs, and doorjambs
    -Empty and wipe out wastebasket

    -Change the sheets
    -Dust all surfaces - including electronics, books, picture frames, window sills, ledges, tops of the door frames, and ceiling fan.
    -Vaccuum floors and carpets.
    -Wash hardwoods
    -Wipe switchplates, doorknobs, and doorjambs
    -Wipe and disinfect telephone
    -Empty trash
    -Vaccuum heating vents and closets

    Living Areas:
    -Dust all surfaces - including electronics, books, picture frames, window sills, ledges, tops of door frames, and ceiling fam.
    -Vaccuum floors and rugs
    -Wash hardwoods
    -Vaccuum upholstery
    -Wipe switchplates, doorknobs, and doorjambs
    -Wipe and disinfect telephone
    -Shake out/vaccuum doormat
    -Vaccuum HVAC vents

    One weekend every couple of months when you are feeling extra motivated, grab this list and go! It'll be like a whole new house. I love the feeling of a good power-cleaned room. Ahhhh...

    Seasonal Cleaning List

    -Empty and scrub down the inside of the fridge
    -Empty and clean inside of the utensil drawers
    -Scrub down the cupboard exteriors
    -Clean the stove hood filter and fridge condenser coil
    -Clean drain (baking soda, vinger, cover, sit, then add boiling water to wash it down)
    -Shine sink (Bon Ami, then Windex)
    -Polish appliances and descale coffeemaker
    -Scrub tile grout
    -Clean out pantry and reorganize

    -Launder shower curtain
    -Empty, weed, and clean out medicine cabinet
    -Shine sink
    -Scrub tile grout

    -Wash the inside of windows
    -Stip the bed, flip the matresss, and vaccuum
    -Launder matress pad and dust ruffle
    -Sort through wardrobe to ditch or donate unused clothes/acessories

    Living Areas:
    -Wash windows
    -Change HVAC filter
    -Flip sofe and chair cusions
    -Shampoo wall to wall carpeting and air our area rugs

    -Wash outside of windows with water and vinegar solution
    -Clean screens
    -Power wash porch areas
    -Clean out grill



  • Wow. This is crazy detailed, but perfect.  I need to see a list to be motivated!
    Thank you for it.  Happy New Year!
  • I am really loving this plan right now. It makes everything so manageable :) I love that it incorporates daily basics + weekly + seasonal/monthly in a day-by-day plan. They also have a calendar that you can print out, by month (different tasks different months).

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