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Costco (or any kind) Tuxedo Cake?

Okay, I need some help from the baking ladies out there.  My husband would like the Costco Tuxedo Cake for his birthday.  He said I could just go buy one but he's also been hounding me about cleaning out the cake mixes in the pantry.  I haven't ever eaten this tuxedo cake before - so all I know is that it's chocolate with some kind of white filling. 

Anyone know what the frosting/filling is?  Cream cheese? Buttercream? Whipped Cream?  I've done some googling - but I'm hoping that someone's eaten the Costco cake before and knows what's in the center. :) 

(I'm also hoping for a good recipe for the center as well!) :)

Re: Costco (or any kind) Tuxedo Cake?

  • How recently has he had a cake from there? They've changed the ordering so it's chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese filling or white cake with white chocolate cream cheese filling.
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  • It was about a month ago, around Thanksgiving. 

    He said it was rectangular and had a layer of chocolate cake, layer of cream cheese (but I know it wasn't just cream cheese...) and then another layer of chocolate cake.  It didn't have icing on top of it - you can tell from the side of the container that's it's a 3 layer cake, if that makes sense.  I may be calling it the wrong thing.

  • I may just try filling it with the white chocolate cream cheese.  I mean, you can't go wrong with chocolate cake and white chocolate cream cheese filling, right? :)
  • Searching costco cakes... found an order form. Could it be vanilla cheesecake filling?


  • When I've had cakes from Costco with a filling, it has been a very light almost whipped topping/mousse type filling.  They were very yummy though/

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  • Vanilla cheesecake sounds pretty good... but I was thinking it was more like a mousse filling.  I think I'll find a recipe for something that looks easy and go with it - especially since we're entertaining 2 other couples tomorrow night and I still need to clean, grocery shop, and cook this stuff. 

    Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?? 

  • I haven't ever had costco filling, but I have made this:


    Super simple and yummy as a filling.  Make sure your milk and whipping cream are cold (the colder, the better) and you use instant pudding.  Good luck!

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