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How much do you pay your babysitter?  (not daycare)... We are getting our first one this weekend and I dont' have any idea how much to pay her.  (Yes, I've been out without M but my mom usually watches her for me..for free)

Re: Babysitters

  • Depends on age, but I'd say if they are 16 and over.... 8 for one, 9 for two, 10 for three. I know this is what I charged when I was watching kids. I know some people pay way less, but to me good babysitters are hard to come by and deserve to be paid well. good luck
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  • I have only had my niece watch C (well the only one I paid) and when she watched him for my work Christmas party we were gone for a little over 4 hours and I gave her $30 and gave her BF $$ to go to town to get them pizza for dinner.
  • She didn't tell you how much she charged?

    I typically pay my little sis (13) $10-$30, depending on how long she's watching him and if she has to put him to bed or not.  If we go out to dinner and are only gone two hours and she didn't have to do anything but play with him, $10.  If she came over at 5-6, had to feed him dinner, play, change diaper(s), put him to bed and we get home late, $20.  If she stays the night (because we were out too late), $30.

    It's a guessing game, really, but only because she's my sister.  I'd just ask the girl how much she charges then give her $5-$10 more. 

  • I pay my cousins about $8 an hour, sometimes a little more.  They are 15 and 16 and I know they would rather be out with their friends, so I try to pay enough so that whenever I ask them to babysit, they say yes (they always do!)
  • When I was in high school, I got between 8 and 10 a kid for infants/toddlers and 5 to 8 for older kids. I never set a price though - the parents always gave me what they wanted.
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  • We give them at least $10/hour for my 2 boys. We almost always put the baby into bed ourselves b/c he is still nursing, so I'm here to nurse him & then I just put him down for bed before we go out, so it's really more like 1 kid. If we come home between hours we round up. So our babysitters are never leaving with less than $30-40. Sounds like maybe we could get by paying them less according to other folks... oh well. I agree with Jennie, if you pay them well then they are always available! :)
  • We pay a minimum of $10/hr.
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  • We pay $5/hour for a high school gal to watch Sydney.
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  • We use a college student from A's daycare and we pay $9/hour. We use her for evening things, and since he goes down between 5:45-6:30 he is always asleep before we leave, so she makes out pretty well.
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