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Good morning lovely Nesties!

Anyone else around this morning? I was the only one at work for the first hour and a half, but my coworkers all made it in around 8. Thank goodness. We only had a dusting of snow on the ground this morning, but the surface streets were pretty icy when I left.

It dumped big, beautiful flakes of snow for a while last night and stuck for about an hour. It was fun while it lasted.

I am crossing fingers we'll leave early today but I highly doubt we will. We're going to a wedding tonight, and it should be a really fun one. Tomorrow it's off to my parents' house for Christmas with my dad's whole big side of the family, then rushing back home to a friend's NYE party. Somewhere in the next 18 hours, I need to make 2 big pans of mac and cheese for the family christmas (gluten free and regular versions), and come up with some appetizers for the NYE party. I think I'm going to do Costco appetizers instead of cook. I value my sleep. Anyone want to suggest their favorite party food from Costco?

Have a good Thursday all!

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Re: Good morning lovely Nesties!

  • Good Morning!

    I am here at work, chugging away. It is pretty quiet this morning because of the ice. I am sure it will pick up this afternoon. Last night we had a lot of fun at the Roosevelt Ale house for trivia. The food was really good too.

    H and I decided we are going to stay in this New Years so we wanted to offer up baby sitting services to our friends with kids. Anyone have any tips for baby sitting a two and a half year old boy? This could get quite interesting.

    Favorite food from Costco - H likes their Caesar salad. They have a ready good pre packaged/cut cheese sampler. The sandwiches are always good. That's about all I can think of for now.

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  • Good Morning!

    H gets off of work early today so we have a list of things to do this afternoon. Other than that  nothing exciting going on around here.

     Last night we opened our gifts with the ILs family and I was super happy with what MIL & FIL got me, and BIL's FI's gift... From the PIL I got a coffee/expresso/latte machine YAY! as well as a wood wall plaque that says, My House Was Clean Yesterday Sorry You Missed It! haha Smile  and then from my SIL to be I got a cute purse, necklace, and coasters.

    From my DH I got a popcorn popper, 1" curling iron, and a book on photography... all in all pretty much everything off of my wish list which makes me so happy!!

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  • i eventually made it to work today..i shouldt've though! i got stuck in the ice right outside my house and was stuck for a good 30 mins until my neighbor came out and drove my car for me =P

    we got hit really bad with the snow/ice yesterday..we got about 4 inches, and now it's all ice.

    had a good day ditching work yesterday, though...we went downtown seattle with a couple other friends and happy hour hopped. since we all work on the north end, it was nice to hit some of the weekday happy hours downtown..

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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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  • don't hate, but its a sunny day in California and I am about to take my dog on a long walk to get some color. He did really well on the plane!  Going to meet up with a bunch of cousins later to cook pork belly and test out a pistachio ice cream recipe.  love being on vacation, glad to have missed the icy roads.
  • I have to work this afternoon (Just arrived) and Dh is at home. I can't imagine we will be busy. I'm advising new students and if you come the day before classes start, it's going to be tough to find any classes.

    We had a dusting, maybe 1/2 an inch of snow but it's fine to drive. The parking lot at work and at home were a little slippery, that's all.

    We're driving to Portland tomorrow to celebrate the new year with Dh's sister. I enjoy visiting them so that should be fun.

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