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Baby Car Seats

So while we were looking at registering, the first section that they push you into is  the car seats. 

With my one arm not being as strong as the other, do you think there is one brand of car seat that would work better for me?  

Re: Baby Car Seats

  • I believe Baby Bargains recommends Chicco and Graco.

    They are both really good and highly rated seats as far as ease of use, etc. The regular Snugride 22 is a lighter version of the Snugride 32/35, but A LOT of children outgrow it by 6 months because of height. So, I usually recommend going with the 32/35 for that reason. That way you still have the ease of an infant seat if needed for outings, or you can just leave it in the car like a convertible as well.

    I have a Graco Safeseat, and I love it. I know Holly has a Chicco and loves hers too. However, I think J will be close to the limits earlier than Holly would like, so she had said something about borrowing her sister's Chicco Keyfit 30.

    I plan on leaving R in the infant seat as long as I can. It is just really nice to be able to take him in and out of the car while he is sleeping. It really is a personal preference though.

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  • I have a chicco keyfit 30. While I have not used it yet, I loved all the reviews about it and how easy it was to use. We went to kids stuff superstore by the mart and they really explained it and how to use it.  My mom later ordered it online for super cheap right before the adoption, plus I wanted a certain color that BRU did not carry at the time as it had just come out.
  • We went and tried all the brands out at Kids Stuff Superstore.  Dh was wheeling the stollers (the snap-fit ones) around, seeing which one turned the best, rode comfortably, what features each had, etc.  We picked up the infant seats and carried them around seeing which ones were comfortable, lighter/heavier, etc. 

  • We went to BRU and tried out all the different ones.  Hands down, the Chicco was the easiest to get in and out of the base.  We liked the way the base installed into the car, too.

    We have the original version and both our boys were able to use it until we were ready for them to be in convertible seats, but going with the KeyFit30 would get you extra mileage out of it.  However, if you're worried about arm strength, the standard might be a better option since it's lighter and you probably won't be carrying a 22lb + baby around in a carrier in your situation.

    I'd highly recommend going to "test drive" them.  BRU has a seat from a car you can install the different carseats and bases and you can get a feel for how each one will work for you.

  • image mamarazzi:

    However, if you're worried about arm strength, the standard might be a better option since it's lighter and you probably won't be carrying a 22lb + baby around in a carrier in your situation.

    This! I would take a look at all of the Chico and Graco models that are rated high and just see what it feels like in your hand. Throw you purse into the seat for extra weight. They have different handle orientations so see if your hand being one way over the other way (side to side vs. front to back) feels better to you.

    We went with the graco snug ride with the metro lite stroller because we liked how they worked better. If you are picking between the highest rated then it is just personal preference at that point.

  • Thanks Girls... I need to try them all out. I know that loading from one side of the car will be easier for me to maneuver from helping my brother load his kids up. 


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