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Labor questions


Re: Labor questions

  • 1. We had basically a family party while I was in labor- I was induced all 3 times and my mom, MIL, SIL and BIL came and hung out all day (my dad and FIL were there for Maren too). They left the room for my epi and checks, etc, but it was nice having people to entertain me. With Kolbe my BFF was there the whole time until I was ready to push. We played cards after my epi. Everyone has always been so excited about our babies, I am thankful they want to be there and I think I would have a hard time keeping them away. My mom was in the room when Maren was born but after that, with T and K, it was just DH and I. I liked having her there though.

    2. We let just about anyone come, but really the only people who came were family and close friends. I think most of our friends are respectful enough (or have had kids) and waited until we got home.

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  • image nkberg:

    image Haven1:
    I've also had friends that had c/s and their entire family saw the baby before they were back from recovery.

    No way! But I suppose I better remind DH again that this is not happening.  I guess this is the type of thing that I would have in my birth plan if I end up writing one.  Especially because even if I tell DH a million times he's such a push over that he would probably let someone in.

    When you are being admitted, make sure you tell the hospital staff that you want NO VISITORS until you say otherwise. When they try to come up and get a visitor sticker, they will be told that you are not accepting visitors (or there is no information about you - depends on the hospital how they word it). That is my plan because I KNOW my MIL will come up long before I'm ready for her to.

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  • image nkberg:
    Dr. Taggert is my OB. Even though I could walk to Midlands I will be delivering at Bergan.
    Taggart is my OB and I loooove her! We went to Midlands for J (much quieter then when I was with Nabity for IMC) anyway I would trust my life to her! J basically had his shoulder stuck up in my pelvis I think and it could have resulted in bad things for me and him with at least a broken arm to get him out...but Taggart just stuck her whooooole arm up there did some fanagaling and I had a perfectly healthy boy! I was so impressed she just told us what was going on and acted like it was no big deal so I didn't even know it was a potentially huge deal until I googled it later!! As far as who I had in the room the first time it was MIL, my mom and DH for the actual delivery. I loved habing my mom for moral support and she helped keep DH calm during the 2 hours of pushing! MIL however got my hopes all up because on my first push I heard her say. "OH there's her head!!" And I thought oh sweet...yeah not so much, D finally came out via forceps 2 hours later, she was not ready to come when they induced me. With J it was again just my mom and DH. She took tons of pics so dh could get some good moments with his new son, and I have it on film so its the best of boh worlds! GL and try as much as you can to go with the flow, you will make yourself crazy with the "what ifs"
  • If just had your DH in the room during your labor, would you do that again or do you think you need someone else too?

    I am so so happy it was just us two.  There is no way anyone but him will be allowed in the room for future children.  I was a very active birther and I also got annoyed with people fast. 

    Did you let anyone that wanted to come to the hospital to see you and baby come up or did you limit to only certain people?

    I limited it to certain people, but I found out I wouldn't have minded more people coming to visit.  I certainly preferred people visiting at the hospital versus at home. 

    For those that had natural labor did you have a birth plan?

    Yep!  Email me at valentine014 at hotmail if you want to see it.  (Or message me on FB)

  • image nkberg:

    If just had your DH in the room during your labor, would you do that again or do you think you need someone else too? My sister was also a childbirth educator, she was invaluable for another support person & to help DH remember how to best coach me through contractions. She also was our photographer...I have an amazing collection of pictures right after N was born that I wouldn't have without her. I will invite her back with our next baby, but no one else would I ever have there.

    Did you let anyone that wanted to come to the hospital to see you and baby come up or did you limit to only certain people?  I work at the hospital I delivered at, so I had to be very specific about when I was ready for visitors. We had some family but not all visit, & our good friends. N was born at 5:12 AM after a long 3 days of nonproductive contractions (& of course little sleep). Our immediate family were our first visitors at 3 PM, per our request to have some family time just the 3 of us & get a little sleep. This worked out well.

    For those that had natural labor did you have a birth  plan? I didn't have an unmedicated birth. After my water was broken I labored for 4 hours with no cervical that point I asked for my epidural, & N was born 4 hours (& a fantastic nap!) later. I'm still convinced I would've ended up with a csection if I had tried to go longer unmedicated...the contractions were so intense that I couldn't relax enough.

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