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Good Morning Fabulous Nesties

Happy Tuesday!!!!

So once a week I meet my sister in the early morning before work, we have coffee and chit chat.  It's super lovely, and is definitely worth waking up super early for.  Except those days when one of us oversleeps.  It happens, and isn't a big deal cuz sometimes you can't help but oversleep an early alarm.  This morning she overslept, which is fine...  but now I have all of this conversational energy and nowhere to direct it to.  Lame!   :)

Today at lunch I am going to stop by Costco and get the protein shakes that I don't hate.   :)   It's time for healthy eating, which will be easier to do if I have all the pieces that make it easier for the days when I don't have time.

yeah, I know, I have all sorts of random junk to talk about.

Okay, so tell me something random.  Like if you were having coffee with one of your best friends, what's a really dumb really random thing that you would mention just because?

Have a great day ladies!

Re: Good Morning Fabulous Nesties

  • Coffee before work sounds fun. I wish my friends lived near and didn't get to work way later than me.

    My really dumb and random thing:

    I called all of the banks and CC companies yesterday to have them put a vacation note on our account. I really regret hyphenating my name me. In hindsight, I wish I would have just kept my maiden name. 

    CS Rep: Hi, thanks for calling the bank, what's your name?

    me: UW HuskyGirl-WWUdude

    CS Rep: ::pause:: uh....

    me: My last name is hyphenated. I have 2 last names, it's huskygirl-wwudude

    CS Rep: ::pause:: uh... how can I help you ms. wwudude

    No one ever gets it. Sigh. Huh?

  • That would be soooo annoying.

    One of the awesome silver linings of my divorce was losing my ex's last name.  He is Asian, and his last name is very long with a lot of vowels.  It sounds very pretty, but it's a pain in the ass to write/spell/pronounce.  I had the people in my life trained, some just butchered it from the get-go and that became my new nickname.

    But then I would go to Safeway.  OMG if I owned a gun, it might have made an appearance at the grocery store check stand.  Guess what, checker person, you don't know me, you don't care what my last name is, and spending five minutes trying to sound out my name doesn't help anyone.  Leave me the F alone already, just scan my vegetables in and take my money.  Argh!

    Luckily my maiden name is tons easier, and life is good.   :)

  • good morning! i hate it when the safeway person always tells me "thanks for shopping with us miss maidenname". the account is my brothers...he set it up probably 15 years ago..but it has my parents' home phone on there...i never set up my own, and i'm loyal to my parents' safeway card rather than my IL's =P  . why do they insist on callnig us by our names???

    if i had a random thing to tell my bff right now, it would probably sound pretty boring to you guys.... "i was mad at H last night, so i didn't wear my mouthgaurd to sleep. now my teeth hurt, and i feel like i didn't get enough sleep last night, even though i slept for 10 hours".

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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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  • The people always call me Mrs. "therickso" because it cut off the last letter of my moms name. Because I too Jenn still use my parents old Safeway account!
  • Good Afternoon!

    Its been an interesting week and a half and tomorrow Dh is going back to work. He is suppose to finish the tile in the mast bath today so I dont have to walk across the house at night. Yeah, Dh and his lovely idea that we needed to fix the flooring in our bathroom the day after I got home from the hospital. At least it has kept him busy and Im almost a little sad he is going back to work tomorrow. I am however ready to get out of the house! Im going to work at it and see if I can talk DH into going somewhere today even if its to the hardware store which would actually be fun lol

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