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Femcon FE

Has anyone ever tried this birth control?

I wanted to go on birth control to regulate my periods and I can't swallow pills so they put me on this chewable birth control pill.

Its amazing at regulating me but I'm always tired, moddy, and NO sex drive. 

Anyone have any advice??

Re: Femcon FE

  • Those sound like the side effects of all BC pills.  Talk to your doctor.  Taking hormones blows.  

    Also, why can't you swallow pills? 

  • I've just never been able to. Even the small size of a birth control pill I can't swallow.

    I guess its a reaction between the pill in my mouth, my head, and my tongue... it just never works out.

  • I was on them and loved it! I had no side effects but never had from any birth control. Only time I had side effects were the first month years ago when I first went on them. From this board it seems like alot of women do which would make sense since it is a hormone change. Talk to your doc but I would also give it more than one month to see if your body levels out. Good luck
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  • I took Femcon FE. It didn't regulate my periods, and I felt similar to how you do. Check with your doctor, and find a new pill.
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