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Remind me again: removing stubborn toilet stains

I have seen posts on this in the past and I did try the emery board thingy we use calluses on our feet and it worked but not 100%, there is a small spot left that is driving me crazy, what will get it off?  TIA

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Re: Remind me again: removing stubborn toilet stains

  • I would coat toilet paper in vinegar, set it on the stain for about an hour then use a pumice stone or really light sand paper to scrape it off.
  • Try the Mr.Clean Magic eraser.  It seems to work for me!
  • image Newlywed718:
    Try the Mr.Clean Magic eraser.  It seems to work for me!

     I second using the magic eraser, try the bath scrubber one with Febreze

  • Have you tried The Works toilet bowl cleaner?
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  • Just did this on our rental a month ago and have had no returning stain.

    Using a toilet bowl cleaner, clean it really well.  Flush.  Then pour a gallon of bleach into the bowl, so that the water level rises much higher than the ring/spot.  Leave the lid UP and close the bathroom door for the night.

    The next day, flush a few times to be sure the bleach is gone.

    Then, put on some rubber gloves and grab a scratch-free cleaning sponge (I use and highly recommend the blue 3M pads) and a good scratch-free powdered cleanser (I use and highly recommend the Bar Keeper's Friend - found at Home Depot and Target).    You'll need a little elbow grease.  You'll want to allow the cleanser to sit for a minute before scrubbing in, and you'll want to allow it to sit in the toilet - postscrubbing - for a few minutes as well.  

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  • have you tried coca-cola?
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  • What kind of stain is it?  Is it a rust ring or something?

    You should try "flushing" the bowl with a large bucket of water so the toilet does not fill up again.

    Try a bleach based scrub like Comet to work on the stain.  Maybe try that mineral cleaner CLR?

    Good luck.

  • Fine grit sandpaper. Rub lightly. Make sure the sandpaper is damp so it won't scratch the bowl.
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  • I'm not sure what kind of spot you have, however, when I first moved into our house the toilets were pretty bad.  I now use Lysol toilet bowl cleaner in a black bottle for lime and rust and the toilets look brand new!  I definitely recommend it!!
  • Try Bar Keepers Friend.
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