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Oral sex...blah


Re: Oral sex...blah

  • I love going down on my husband, however I can't handle him finishing in my mouth either, I will vomit. Ithink it's the taste and the messiness of it all. You are not alone! I"m just learning to enjoy it myself.
  • I have to agree, I cant stand it in my mouth either. I will finish and as soon as I feel him jolt I pull it out of my mouth so he doesnt actually *** in my mouth. A few times I got a little bit but just ran my tounge over his leg & was fine. Only once did he actually go a decent amount in my mouth where it made me gag.

    Just learn how his body reacts and you'll be able to pull it out of your mouth right as he cums.  


  • The key is to keep yourself from thinking about it gagging you or you will definitely gag.

    I don't mind swallowing. But in a previous relationship I did towards the end (I didn't love the guy anymore and hated the thought of swallowing his stuff). But I find it a way of showing my love towards me husband.

    The key to swallowing and keeping it from getting messy or gagging is when he tells you he's about to explode, put it back as far as you can and just start swallowing. You won't taste it, feel it, or anything. And the feeling of you swallowing will actually feel good to him (kind of like a vag pulsating from the O). TADA!  

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  • You obviously aren't alone in finding it gross.  However, since you have NEVER actually DONE it, who knows if it will be as gross as you think?  To me, he can't help but have my stuff in his mouth when he goes down, so why would I be all weird about his?  I say try it, if you don't like it, don't do it again.
  • I do it all the time and I love it. Obviously it's not for everyone, but if you've never tried it and it would mean something to your H, I say give it a shot. If you hate it, at least you can say you tried =)
  • It's an acquired taste.  I would suggest powering through it a couple times (warn him first, in case it gets ugly), you may find it's not as bad as you fear.


    If you take him further back while he cums, you don't even really taste it.

  •   I was going to say "Suck it up butter cup" but that would be a little too literal.

      Get over it and get over yourself and do it. It's only as bad as you want it to be. It's not like DH wants something weird. 

  • Try some flavored lube, like strawberry kiwi or something, it helps offset the taste with something pleasant.
  • I would say try it at least 5 times or so, or until you have gotten somewhat used to the taste and then think about whether or not it is your thing again. I did keep a glass of water handy so that I would have something to drink afterwards. I found that it took a while to get used to the taste and now I don't mind. GL!
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  • image HannahO28:
    image binzy2524:

    So its ok for your man to go down on you and lick and swallow your nasty juices but you can't do it for him?? Selfish is what you are. He should never perform oral on you again until you get over your selfishness. God my DH would give you the boot in a minute.

    Yeah, your husband is a douche. Straight up. And what kind of adult has the mindset of "he should never perform it on you again unless you quit being selfish"? Are you a teenager? You kind of sound like one. 

    OP, I would give it a try. I didn't want to do it at all either and was certain I would get sick but I didn't and I don't. No one should ever feel pressured into a sexual act, even in marriage.  

     Also, the OP never said whether her H gives her oral not sure where that comment comes in.

  • image katherineUTC:
    Try some flavored lube, like strawberry kiwi or something, it helps offset the taste with something pleasant.


    Just lurking from another board but I wanted to give you some support. I'm not a fan of swallowing either or even having it in my mouth for that matter, but I want to make my husband happy so I do it anyway. I use the flavored lube and when he's about to come (this may sound gross) I just put his penis as far back down my throat as possible. That way you automatically swallow without having to have any in your mouth. I finish up with a big glass of water to wash it all down. It makes husband VERY happy so it's worth it.

  • I sometimes gag, I'm not gunna lie! I will finish him off, but will spit. Not everyone enjoys it as much as some do. To each their own!
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  • Everyone is different. I let DH finish in my mouth, and it doesn't bother me. I swallow, but that's just my preference. I don't like to spit.
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