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What to do??

So our daughter was born in August 12  and by the end of August we were having sex again(I wanted it)LOL.

Well Now 4 months later we are down to having sex 1 time a week :( I am a SAHM and he owns his own business, so i know things are stressful for him but I am actually upset that he would tell me NO. Things have never been like this :( This is our first child and have been together for almost 11 yrs. This sounds so stupid but I have actually had to beg for sex :'( I just want things to get better any ideas? I have tried everything I  can think of and I actually got so upset I asked him if is me and he said no That he is still attracted to me. He will NOT go to the doctor I have asked him too.

Re: What to do??

  • I see no reason why a physician is warranted.

    ANything can be at play here: maybe it's the fact you've been together 11 years; it is normal for sex to wane. It could even be a sexual rut.

    However, if there was a significant drop in the number of times you're having sex now vs. pre-pregnancy number of times you've had sex per week, it might be cause for concern. (went from daily to once) Then again, it might not be; it could be a sexual rut and that will probably pass after a period of time.

    There's a very distant possibility it could be Madonna-Whore Syndrome -- was he in the delivery room when you were in labor?

    Wait on this a bit -- wait at least a few more months and in the meanwhile, see if things stay the same, pick up or drop off all the more. And remember: communication is key. GL.

  • Yes he was in the delievey room and I wanted him there but not to watch and of course he didnt listen he watched :(

    I hope that it will pass soon as I am going crazy with once a week sex Hmm

  • I guess I fail to see how sex one time per week is all that bad for parents of an infant who have been together for 11 years, and I'm betting that your H feels that way too. I hardly think that it's time to send him to the doctor, or for you to be upset because he doesn't want to have sex with you anymore. Are you at least enjoying the sex that you're having?
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  • I know he is enjoying it but I am not I am not getting off I try but when he is done he's done. :( Btw the sex that we are having lasts under 2 min. :(

  • Before the baby he was #1 as far as attention goes so that affects him. Doesn't make sense but it happens and most will see it as selfish.

    Now when u have sex u say he peaks in a hurry and its over right. Lady don't let him inside u until can't stand it any more after u show him how to turn u on and foreplay then u whisper on his ear I want u inside me.

    If u get to climax or no matter what u tell him it was amazing. You see to a man its very important to know he was able to get u to climax because it means u r satisfied with him and look forward to more at a later time.

    Now he has said no because of the baby getting more attention,your body has changed [not as sexy] and maybe there is a prenancy fear so one more child is a thread to him.One other thing he might sense ur sexual surrender is not as intense as before because u r thinking about the baby now too. So now don't ask for sex just get naked get close to him and the touch of ur hands all over him do their magic. In other words seduce him with kisses,rubbing,whispering,moaning,hot breath and just use ur skills as a woman. A message on each other to relax him and u.

    After the sex cuddle in each others arm or fall asleep that way. One more thing do not nag just find another way more positive to get ur point across.

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