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Nuva Ring

Hi nesties! I just got a script for the nuva ring to try, because I cannot remember to take the pill! Just curious about everyone else's experience or advice for it!

Re: Nuva Ring

  • I used it, but I only wore it for one cycle (three weeks) because I hated the symptoms so much. I had a migraine the entire three weeks. Totally dizzy, to the point of it being hard to focus/walk at times. Nauseous. The whole nine yards. I'm using FAM/NFP now, and I love being hormone free and learning about my body's cycles. So liberating!

    That being said, I know that it works out totally perfect for some women and that the low-dosage of hormones can work fine. I wish you the best and the opposite of my experience! :) 

  • I have been using it for two years now.  I like it okay; no real symptoms that pp mentioned like headaches or vertigo.  Like you, I had problems remembering my pill on time and the ring is so much easier, you just have to remember the day and general time.

    The only thing is that although the doctor assured me that most men can't feel it or are not bothered by it, my DH is not one of those men.  I used to leave it in for the first year, but then DH asked if we could take it out during sex because it was uncomfortable for him.  So if things get heavy, I have to take a minute to get up and remove it.  you can leave it out for up to three hours though, so NBD.

    I am curious to try NFP as I also wish to be hormone free, but I have very irregular periods so I prefer the predictability of the ring.

    It's easy to insert and easy to remove; you really don't feel it in at all.  i am a huge fan of it and have recommended it to two friends who also now love it.

  • I've been on the ring now for 3 years and love it!! I've had no side effects- no weight gain, no head aches, no mood swings, etc... It's also the only form of protection we use and so far, so good! =]

     Sometimes I take it out during love-making sessions, depending on the position. DB says he can feel it sometimes, depending on what were doing, but that it never bothers him.

    Good Luck!

  • I've been using it for 7 years and love it! As PP said, no side effects whatsoever and its our only form of contraception and haven't had an issues!

    Also, my understanding is that when you decide to start TTC it allows your body to rebound faster than some of the pills.  


  • I was on it for about a year. I gained about 25 pounds, had wild mood swings and headaches and it made my sex drive non-existent (I didn't even want to think about H touching me).

    I've been off it for about a month and I feel so much better. BC works differently for everyone, but my experiences with it (aside from convenience) were not good.


  • I currently use Nuvaring, but am going to talk to my Dr about going off it. I've only been on it maybe 4-5 months, but I'm having some unpleasant effects and my sex drive is decreasing (very) rapidly. I will say that it's very easy to use - I wish it didn't affect me so much, because other than that it's great.

    One thing I found to be helpful is to bend it into an oblong shape a little before you insert it, so that way it doesn't snap back into a circle as soon as you let go of it (if that makes sense). I feel like it helps keep it in place.

  • imageFemLynx:

    I am curious to try NFP as I also wish to be hormone free, but I have very irregular periods so I prefer the predictability of the ring.

     I know this is getting a little off topic, but just wanted to encourage you to give it a try. The awesome thing about charting your cycles is that you can totally predict your cycles and periods (even if they're irregular), based on the natural signs your body is giving you. Just something to think about! :) GL! 

  • It was convenient but the side effects turned out to be too much for me. DH said he didn't like the feel of it, but you can take it out for up to three hours. Unfortunately it totally killed my sex drive so i didn't have to do that too often. Basically just be sure to pay careful attention to your side effects.

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  • For me, no side effects whatsoever. No weight gain, no mood swings, it barely even feels like I'm on BC. I have been on it for 4 years. I used to use Depo provera, and that caused me to gain weight that I could never shake. I quickly lost the weight when I switched to Nuva Ring, and I haven't fluctuated since. 
  • Holy Yeast Infections...that was my major issue while on the ring. I also had zero sex drive and ex BF could feel it when we did have sex. I don't reccommend it to anyone.
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  • Major mood swings, no sex drive whatsoever, I was on it for two weeks and immediately went back to the pill... it was a horrible experience for me...
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  • I've been on it for years- probably since 2004?  I really like it- no side effects here. I have several friends who use and love it.  I have one friend who found it caused a lot of problems, but she has had problems with lots of other BC methods too.
  • I apologize for the other thread--I didn't see this one before I created it. I absolutely LOVED NuvaRing. Ever since my first trip to the beach when I was just 2 yrs old, I have been prone to yeast infections and UTIs. NuvaRing helped regulate these for me. For the first few months, I saw spotting when DH and I had sex, but that ceased after awhile. It's much easier to remember than the pill! A bit more expensive though, as there are no generics for it yet!!
  • I've been on the Nuva Ring for just over 6 years.  I also switched to this because my body was so sensitive that if I missed a pill by a few hours I'd start to spot--and I'm extremely forgetful in regards to pills.

    Side effects: It was good to read what everyone else said because it reminded me of some.  Just in the last couple of years I've had occasional (maybe 2 or 3?) infection issues and had never had one before.  It also causes some (I *hate* this word) discharge for me on certain days.  Sometimes for months.  It's gross enough that occasionally I'll wear a liner and change them out.  I had a friend that tried it for 2 months and stopped b/c it was too much for her.

    I also seem to have had quite the libido drop lately.  Which is bad since I'm a 6 month newly wed.  I don't know if I can blame it on the ring, though.

    During sex it is occasionally in a strange spot that causes discomfort, but I just run to the bathroom and wrap it in a tissue until post-shower (after rinsing it off, of course).  Though I have forgotten until the next morning before, so hopefully you'll remember it.

    Someone else mentioned insertion- pinching it is good, I try to work it into a figure 8/infinity symbol if I can, too.  Much easier.

  • imagegreenjilly:
    ...I had a friend that tried it for 2 months and stopped b/c it was too much for her...

    I think the lack of a baby for the past 6 years (though we're thinking of TTC soon)  outweighs the few side effects though.

  • I had similar issues with side effects. Sex drive... down the tube... I threw up at least three days out of the month being on it. Also, mine would come out frequently. I didn't like it.

     I agree with the one writter, I like being hormone free a lot better also.

  • Pros: Very light, extremely dependable, shorter periods. Don't have to remember to take a pill every day. Low hormone. DH did not feel it.

    Cons: I would get horribly sick (throwing up, diarrhea) sometimes around the last few days of the ring cycle; libido took a permanent vacation (sometimes I hated the mere thought of being intimate); always needed lube during sex because I was SO dry, days on end of extremely heavy discharge...

    Went off NR a few months ago and am very happy to be hormone free (though my heavy periods have returned, no fun). Welcome back libido!!

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