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Any other KU mommies experiencing this?

Ok so let me just start by saying that DH and I have always had a very healthy sexual relationship.  Things never get boring, he's very unselfish in bed and OMG, he's sooooo sexy.  (He looks like Bradley Cooper, hubba hubba!)  Since I have gotten pregnant, my sex drive has naturally been much less because m/s, sore chi-chis, being bloated, tired...all of it.  I'm starting to get past all that want to get back to where we were but I'm totally dreading it!  Everytime that we have had sex since I got pregnant, my area down there got really swollen afterward and it was really uncomfortable!  Like to the point where it's hard to walk!  I'm very apprehensive about having sex now b/c it becomes so uncomfortable!  Has anyone else experienced this and how did you deal with it?

Re: Any other KU mommies experiencing this?

  • This happens to me. It is just uncomfortable for a little while, so I just deal with it. I have read that this can happen, but I haven't read anything about how to make it better. Sorry I don't have any help, except to say that it should pass.
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  • Did you actually refer to your breasts as chi-chis?
  • did you actually compare your husband to bradley cooper? i think i would like to compare mine to johnny depp then. i like fantasy land. it's fun here!
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  • I would speak with your OB about this. Mild cramping and spotting is common due to cervical irritation but if you are swollen that badly it could be a sign of something else.

     If it makes you feel any better, H and I have not had sex in over 5 weeks due to pregnancy complications. What's important is your health and the health of your baby so get professional advice for how to address the situation.

  • It's normal for you to be swollen down there. In fact, that won't go away until you have your baby. However, being so swollen that you cannot hardly stand to have sex is not normal. I would talk to you OB about it. There may not be anything you can do about it...we're all different down there! Good luck.
  •  You're barely pregnant.  Sex in the 3rd trimester is still amazing...
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